7 CHROs on Social Media You Must Follow Today

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Innovations and successes in human resources don't occur in a vacuum. Instead, human resource executives network and learn from the successes and challenges of their peers to institute best-in-class practices. HR execs can glean valuable insights at industry conferences once or twice a year, but day-to-day learning is just a click away. By connecting with and learning from CHROs on social media, you can give your organization just the edge it needs.

Some social media networks — Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram — provide mainly static opportunities to connect. You'll gain more of an advantage, however, when you find and follow CHROs and VPs of HR on Twitter, where your next human resources "aha" moment is just 140 characters away.

Check out these seven "must follow" HR execs on Twitter.

1. Laszlo Bock, SVP People Operations, Google

Arguably one of the most dynamic HR execs around, Yale graduate Laszlo Bock joined Google in 2006 and has been shaking up people management ever since. The team he leads at Google receives more than 2 million resumes a year, with more than 7,000 becoming new hires. The hallmark of his human resource strategy has been to create the best possible environment to both attract and retain the most talented employees in the industry. His Twitter updates chronicle not only his successes at Google, but also highlight industry trends and issues on a regular basis.

2. Gregory Giangrande, Executive Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer, Time Inc.

Gregory Giangrande is not only a leader among CHROs on social media, he's also a career advice columnist for the New York Post. With his column, he reaches out to HR leaders and job seekers alike, sharing advice on career development as well as important advice pieces on hiring and retention practices. As EVP and CHRO at Time Inc. since 2012, he has lead innovations in talent recruitment and management and tweets his experiences as well as links to other leader insights.

3. Ron Garrow, Chief Human Resources Officer, MasterCard

Ron Garrow leads a global HR team to continuous success using nearly three decades of experience. As CHRO, his focus is primarily on changing company culture to meet today's quickly evolving workforce, positioning MasterCard as an eminently desirable employer. He regularly shares his HR successes on Twitter.

4. Gina Qiao, Senior VP Human Resources, Lenovo

Leading technology giant and IBM-partner Lenovo boasts a global workforce of more than 50,000 who come together to continually deliver top-of-the-line products and services. Gina Qiao has been the SVP of HR since 2011 and adds a rich background in diversity and multicultural people management skills, sharing those successes on Twitter regularly. Qiao has set an example for women striving to attain executive management positions and along the way has herself ranked as the eighth highest in China's ranking of female business leaders, according to the Huffington Post.

5. Sherri Nadeau, CHRO, YP

Information leader YellowPages (YP) is an organization that has undergone constant transformation to stay ahead of industry changes and remain relevant in a world of continuously changing technology. CHRO Sherri Nadeau uses Twitter to share her own winning workforce management techniques as well as spotlighting great industry advice she finds elsewhere. Nadeau is a sought-after executive who has helped numerous organizations, including Sony Pictures and Universal Studios, to adopt improved HR strategies.

6. Janina Kugel, CHRO, Siemens

Look to Janina Kugel for great learnings in global HR management and diversity and inclusion insights. She is especially keen to share innovations on Twitter for increasing female participation in historically male-dominated STEM positions. She posts in both English and German, but don't let a language barrier shut you down: her German-language tweets are well worth translating and exploring. Kugel is the mastermind behind a popular TEDx module titled "Using the Power of Being Different," which appropriately draws upon one of her key focus areas: diverse work environments.

7. Pat Wadors, CHRO, LinkedIn

Leading colleague-connection site LinkedIn quietly began to collect members well over a decade ago and has since bloomed into a must-join application for people from entry-level to C-suite. Behind the scenes, SVP of Global Talent Pat Wadors manages a tenacious HR workforce, ensuring LinkedIn models leading edge practices as it encourages members to do the same. Her tenacity has positioned LinkedIn as a leader in business and talent transformation. She has also become a leader in the #LadyDay movement, pushing forward the campaign for gender equality in the workforce. Wadors's tweets are equally valuable to job-seekers and CHRO peers.

In addition to these seven innovative and inspirational human resources leaders on Twitter, you can connect with fellow HR leaders through groups that have flourished on Facebook and LinkedIn, and also blogs and Instagram accounts that share valuable information in long and short form, respectively.