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Vicky James, President and CEO, Sunny Hill

ADP helps alleviate Health Care Reform concerns while maximizing benefits administration spend

Vicky James
President and CEO, Sunny Hill

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Lorraine McCormick, Vice President of Human Resources and Team Building, Aspire

ADP HCM Solution Increases Aspire’s Payroll Efficiency

Lorraine McCormick
Vice President of Human Resources and Team Building, Aspire

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CLEAResult testimonial thumbnail

CLEAResult Consulting and ADP Workforce Now Comprehensive Services

Stephen Polonski
Director of Human Resources, CleaResult Consulting

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Lawrence and Schiller testimonial thumbnail

Lawrence and Schiller and ADP Workforce Now Comprehensive Services

Billie Jo Waara
Finance Director, Lawrence and Schiller

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Kansas City Royals Client Success Story

Client Perspectives: Why The Kansas City Royals Chose ADP To Help Them Navigate Health Care Reform

David Laverentz
VP Finance and Administration, Kansas City Royals

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Aspire Client Testimonial HRC Compliance

Health Care Reform Compliance: Why Aspire Chose ADP

Lorraine McCormick
VP Human Resources and Team Building, Aspire

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Solutions for Midsized Business

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