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Employee Time Tracking: Big Business Benefits at a Fraction of the Price

Time and attendance tracking is a critical component of human capital management, one that can offer a fast and significant return on investment based on time and cost savings. ADP’s industry-leading time and attendance capabilities enable you to streamline payroll preparation, simplify employee scheduling, improve wage and hour compliance, and manage absence and vacation tracking – even from a mobile device.

More Efficient and Accurate Payroll Preparation

Say goodbye to paper timesheets, spreadsheets, punch timecards, and countless hours wasted on repetitive time and attendance data entry and corrections. ADP’s employee time tracking and online time clock solutions automate the time collection process, applies your payroll policies regarding rounding and overtime, instantly calculates hourly totals, and sends that data to payroll for check processing.  

With automated messaging and workflow notification, employees and managers can easily stay on top of time off requests, reporting, attendance notifications, timecard approvals, and exceptions that require timely action. By focusing on transactions that require immediate attention, you can dramatically streamline the payroll preparation process and free up supervisors’ time to address attendance and scheduling issues before they negatively impact your work environment.

Smarter, More Economical Workforce Scheduling

Concerned about having adequate staffing coverage? By aligning your staffing with the demands of your business, you can not only reduce costs, but also gain a competitive edge when it comes to customer service. By automating the scheduling process you can:

  • Prevent unauthorized work
  • Create and easily modify schedules for rotating or variable shifts
  • Readily identify exceptions (e.g., late in, early out, long lunch)
  • Identify and correct potential over- and under-staffing issues
  • Reduce overtime and dependency on temporary staff via organization-wide insights into how you allocate resources

Easier Tracking of Paid Time Off

In addition to tracking hours worked, ADP’s time and attendance solution can help you save even more time and money by automatically calculating paid time off based on your company’s policies. Employees can view real-time vacation and sick time balances at their convenience and request time off using self-service tools, enabling you to minimize your time off liability and focus on more important tasks.

Reduce Costly Compliance Violations

ADP provides various tools to assist you in complying with  U.S.   wage  and hour regulations, including consistent application of pay policies, timecard approval  , and an indisputable record of hours worked along with any audits made to the timecards. The system stores years of time and attendance data in easy-to-access electronic form, providing the federal overtime compliance reports needed to help you avoid costly violations.

More Effective Labor Management

ADP’s time and attendance solution provides valuable management reports so you can analyze labor costs and make better decisions, including timecard reports, payroll reports, schedule reports and attendance reports. You’ll also be able to create your own ad-hoc reports without any assistance from your IT department.

Whenever, Wherever Workforce Tracking

Accurate payroll starts the moment your employees “clock in.” We understand that you have a diverse workforce, and that’s why we offer the broadest range of data collection options to meet your needs, including timeclocks that use badge card, touch screen, and biometric technology, as well as web-based timesheets, and access to tracking via telephone or popular mobile devices. You can mix and match these options to best fit your needs. 

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