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ADP Secure Email

ADP Secure Email

ADP utilizes a Secure Email system to strengthen security and to protect sensitive information. Our objective is to provide a convenient method for you to receive and reply to secure emails, while continuing to ensure the integrity of the information interchange.

Will I have to install new software or register for the system?

No new software is required on your system. The first time you use the secure email system, you will be asked to create a password. There are no other registration requirements.

How will I receive secure email messages from ADP?

Secure email messages (and any attached files) from ADP will be encrypted before they are sent, and then delivered directly to your inbox. When you open the message you will be prompted to enter your password, which will decrypt the message (and any attached files). You can then save, reply to, or forward the message and files.

Are there reply capabilities? Can I initiate a secure email to an ADP Associate?

You can respond to ADP secure emails with secure replies, and there is also a method for initiating secure email exchanges with ADP associates.

Where can I get more information?

Secure Email User Guide

Secure Email Quick Reference

Secure Email FAQs

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