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Applying Big Data to the Workforce Turnover Conundrum

Finally, the art of understanding and addressing workforce turnover is turning into a science. This is great news because turnover – in particular, voluntary turnover – has real consequences for an organization.

Employee Benefits Communications: There’s Room for Improvement

Employers must do more than provide good healthcare and other benefits to attract and retain quality workers. Using Web-based self-service technology can improve employee communications and, increase worker satisfaction.  

Employee Usage of Mobile HR Technology is on the Rise

The ubiquity of mobile devices has led to a growing adoption of mobile applications for internal HR functions as a way to improve worker productivity, real-time decision-making and workforce satisfaction.

Mobile HR Solutions Can Drive Employee Productivity, Build Satisfaction

Staying connected with an increasingly mobile and distributed workforce to maximize their productivity and satisfaction is a key challenge. Mobile HR solutions, delivered by smartphones and tablets, are helping to meet this challenge.  

Mobile HR Users Demonstrate Higher Levels of Engagement than Traditional Web HR Users

The impact of mobile technology across all industries has been profound. As organizations continue to embrace mobile technology for communicating with their internal stakeholders, the adoption of mobile human resource (HR) applications is expected to accelerate significantly over the next few years.  

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