Health Care Reform | The Role of Employer Benefits in Building a Competitive Workforce

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The Role of Employer Benefits in Building a Competitive Workforce

Contrary to anecdotal evidence suggesting that benefits are becoming a commodity, HR and benefits decision makers in all size companies believe that health insurance does play an important role in the war for talent. Further, they expect employer-provided insurance benefits to become more, not less, important over the next five years. As employers attempt to differentiate themselves to candidates and employees through their benefits offerings, they may also believe that their offerings are a greater source of advantage than they actually are.

About This Report: The findings in this report were extracted from an online survey conducted by The ADP Research Institute in 2012. The study included input from 727 HR/benefits decision makers in U.S. organizations that offer medical health insurance to employees. Respondents had to be key decision makers (evaluators, recommenders, final decision makers) for critical employee benefits policy changes or major benefits system/service purchases within their enterprises.

Keywords: Benefits Administration

Business Types: Research for Midsized Organizations, Research for Large Organizations

Roles: Research for Human Resources Professionals

Planning For Health Care Reform: How Income Impacts Employee Health Benefits Participation

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