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Mobile Technology Makes Mobile HR Solutions A Game-Changer

This insight is from: "Mobile HR Solutions: Connecting & Empowering Your Workforce"

The mobile population globally is expected to continue growing over the long- and short-term and, although current deployment levels are still relatively low, there is a clear trend within midsized and large companies to engage more employees through mobile HR solutions. This trend is reflected in the results that ADP and VDC reported in their survey of 400 midsized and large firms concerning their use of mobile HR applications. Moreover, employers are beginning to see real value in allowing their employees to access payroll and HR data through their mobile devices, not to mention time-saving applications such as online approval of work schedules and completing expense reports on the road.

Mobile HR Solutions Enable Interaction Not Just Communication With Employees

Companies that are competing for talent in today’s Web-based world stand to benefit from allowing their workers seamless, convenient, and immediate access to their own data, such as payroll and benefits plan administration. Not long ago, HR departments communicated with employees through written communications, like newsletters. Times have changed and so have employees and their habits. Many workers want rapid access to their data, just as they would insist on connecting immediately with what they need via a consumer app.

As smartphone use reaches “critical mass” in an enterprise and with tablets beginning to grow significantly, mobile capabilities become an important, fresh channel to engage employees. According to ADP’s and VDC’s survey, in 2011 smartphone use (deployed company-issued devices and support of employee-owned phones) reached 93% in large companies and 73% in midsized firms. In addition, 38% of large and 34% of midsized organizations indicated they either currently issue or support tablets or plan to do so in the future.

Importantly, many surveyed companies are already seeing concrete results from their mobile investments. For example:

  • 81% of large and 76% of midsized organizations report improved workforce satisfaction
  • 78% of large and 73% of midsized firms see improved real-time decision making
  • 75% of large and 71% of midsized companies observe improved workforce productivity
Drive Workforce Efficiency, Productivity and Engagement by Leveraging Mobile HR


"Drive Workforce Efficiency, Productivity and Engagement by leveraging Mobile HR"

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Security Concerns Are Declining With New Mobile HR Solutions

While security is a factor for any system or network, mobile technology has made significant strides toward mitigating long-standing concerns of potential users. The survey reports that over 50% of HR decision makers say security is one of their top two concerns around making a mobile system investment. However, it is not keeping them from deploying mobile HR apps.

Even among organizations that have decided not to deploy mobile solutions, security has gone from a “top three” smartphone investment barrier, according to ADP’s and VDC’s 2009 research statistics, to not even being cited in the top six barriers in the 2011 survey.

Mobile HR Solutions Have Strong Support For Inclusion In Next-Generation Systems

HR decision makers are increasingly including mobile HR applications as a necessary core feature in next-generation HR systems they plan to purchase. ADP’s and VDC’s survey indicates that 65% of HR decision makers in large companies and 41% in midsized firms consider mobile access to be “critical” or “important” in next-generation HR systems and services. That is a dramatic change from 2009, when 49% of large organizations considered mobile HR access “critical” or “important.”

*A complete list of sources and citations can be found in the full report.

About This Report: Report data and conclusions are based on a 2011 survey conducted by VDC and the ADP Research Institute, a specialized group within ADP that provides insights for leaders in both the private and public sectors around issues of human capital management, employment trends and workforce strategy. See full report for details on research methodology.

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