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Mobile HR Solutions Belong on Your Employees' Information Highway

This insight is from: "Mobile HR Solutions: Connecting & Empowering Your Workforce"

Already exceeding one billion globally, the population of mobile workers is expected to keep growing. If you employ mobile workers or may do so in the future, it is important for your company’s talent management professionals to understand how best to connect with those workers using mobile HR solutions. ADP’s and VDC’s survey of 400 large and midsized employers presents compelling findings about mobile HR’s positive impact on human resource management. Read this white paper to learn how early adopters are leveraging mobile HR apps to serve this growing group of employees.

Drive Workforce Efficiency, Productivity and Engagement by Leveraging Mobile HR


"Drive Workforce Efficiency, Productivity and Engagement by leveraging Mobile HR"

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Mobile HR Solutions Help You Engage A Growing New Generation of Employees

One of the things that matters to the mobile workforce is data immediacy. They expect – and often demand – access to business applications and the data they need through mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. Organizations with a forward-looking view will need to support these requirements, not only because they attract and appeal to younger workers, but also because they embrace the shift toward increased mobility that organizations will have to make to effectively compete for leading talent.

The use of smartphones – now considered a near-universal communications tool – essentially represents a new channel for companies to connect with and interact with their employees. Tablet use is also growing. According to ADP’s and VDC’s survey, between 2009 and 2011 smartphone and tablet usage has increased in both midsized and large companies, with trending clearly on the upswing.

Mobile HR Users Want a Broad Range of HR Apps

Results of ADP’s and VDC’s survey detail the most widely used mobile HR applications and indicate which ones employers think will be the fastest growing apps in the future. Among both midsized and large firms, apps that handle employee communications, reminders, notifications and company news events and policies are the most widely used for smartphones. The fastest-growing mobile HR apps for large firms are those that handle time and attendance, expense reports, and benefits information. For midsized firms, the fastest growing mobile Human Resource apps handle career site, time and labor management (time cards and approvals), and pay information. Peruse the white paper for the full list of most widely used and fastest-growing mobile HR apps.

Insist on Mobile Capabilities in Your Next-Generation Human Resource Systems 

You can’t use mobile effectively if mobile apps can’t seamlessly interface with your main HR platform and communications capability. Perceptive HR decision makers are increasingly making mobile HR applications part of the core buying features of their next-generation system and service purchases. In  ADP’s and VDC’s survey, 65% of large and 41% of midsized companies in 2011 said the inclusion of mobile HR capabilities are “Important” or “Critical” when considering the purchase of their next HR system.

According to the survey, “security” is no longer a concern that can derail plans for mobile app use. About half of survey respondents consider security a concern, but fewer than several years ago. Improvements in mobile security – plus greater security awareness on the part of HR decision makers – have finally removed mobile HR apps from the “do-not-deploy” category for many companies.

*A complete list of sources and citations can be found in the full report.

About This Report: Report data and conclusions are based on a 2011 survey conducted by VDC and the ADP Research Institute, a specialized group within ADP that provides insights for leaders in both the private and public sectors around issues of human capital management, employment trends and workforce strategy. See full report for details on research methodology.

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