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Mobile HR Solutions Can Drive Employee Productivity, Build Satisfaction

This insight is from: "Mobile HR Solutions: Connecting & Empowering Your Workforce"

The mobile workforce globally exceeded one billion in 2010 and is projected to grow by greater than 10% over the next several years. With this anticipated growth comes an enormous opportunity for human resource management at many companies to help improve the productivity and satisfaction of its mobile workforce through mobile HR solutions. ADP’s survey of 400 large and midsized U.S. organizations reveals early success from those who have deployed mobile HR apps. Read this white paper to see what is driving success for early adopters and what these firms expect next from their investment in mobile HR solutions.

Drive Workforce Efficiency, Productivity and Engagement by Leveraging Mobile HR


"Drive Workforce Efficiency, Productivity and Engagement by leveraging Mobile HR"

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Mobile HR Solutions Tap Into the Wide Use of Smartphones and Tablets

Personal use of smartphones is growing exponentially and there is an ever-greater use of tablets by consumers. Consumer-driven use of these tech devices is shaping up as a benefit for businesses, including those in charge of human resource management. Among businesses surveyed by ADP, over 70% of midsized organizations and 90% of large firms have either deployed smartphones, are supporting employee-owned smartphones, or plan to either deploy or evaluate future deployment of these devices.

Mobile HR Solutions Provide Many Ways to Connect With Mobile Workers

With an ever-expanding mobile workforce and the already ubiquitous use of popular mobile devices like smartphones, there is great business value in providing mobile access to many key HR functions, from talent management and employee communications to payroll/time and attendance to employee benefits. Practical applications include submitting time worked from distant field locations, approving time off, and submitting employee expense reports from the road.

More companies are seeing value in allowing their employees to access payroll and HR data using their smartphones, tablets, or other mobile devices. According to the ADP survey, 43% of midsized companies and over half of large organizations allow mobile device usage for these purposes. Between 2009 and 2011, usage has grown in both the midsized and large segments and the trend continues upward.

Human Resource Management Benefits From Deploying Mobile HR Solutions

Mobile access allows organizations to create and help empower a more productive, satisfied, and engaged workforce. Seventy-five percent of human resource managers in large and 71% in midsized companies surveyed acknowledge workforce productivity has improved as a result of allowing their employees to access mobile HR solutions. Forward-thinking organizations also view mobile solutions as critical competitive recruiting and employee retention initiatives – vitally so, when targeting leading candidates from the next generation "Gen Y/Millennial" talent pool.

While mobile solution security remains a critical requirement for about half of the companies ADP surveyed, results show security is no longer standing in the way of making mobile investments. This is largely due to improvements in the security for mobile solutions, as well as better awareness and education concerning security capabilities.

Ensure Mobile HR Solutions Integrate With Your New HR Systems or Services

HR decision makers should consider mobile capabilities to be a "must-have" feature when buying a new HR system or engaging an HR service provider. Research shows that businesses are increasingly following that line of thinking. Compared to 2009 statistics, 10% more decision makers in midsized companies and 33% more in large firms consider mobile HR capabilities "critical" or "important" when making future HR system and service buys.

*A complete list of sources and citations can be found in the full report.

About This Report: Report data and conclusions are based on a 2011 survey conducted by VDC and the ADP Research Institute, a specialized group within ADP that provides insights for leaders in both the private and public sectors around issues of human capital management, employment trends and workforce strategy. See full report for details on research methodology.

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