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Empowering Employees: Improving Engagement While Impacting Benefits Costs.


Empowering Employees:
Improving Engagement While Impacting Benefits Costs

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Our recent survey of large and midsized companies shows that many companies have already implemented technology-based solutions for communicating with their employees about their health care benefits. Human resource management and benefits administration professionals told us that they recognize the value offered by technologies like decision support tools, remote access to information and functions, and other forms of online communication. But many of those companies would like to be doing more, especially in the area of mobile applications and round-the-clock access.

How Technology Can Help

The number of employees working remotely is expected to grow at an annual global rate of 15%, so it’s not hard to see why companies are interested in tools and technologies that can serve this growing market. In a separate ADP Research Institute study over 70% of respondents told us that they believe that mobile technology can offer a broad set of benefits:

  • Workforce satisfaction is higher
  • Worker productivity is improved
  • Real-time decision-making is enhanced

HR management and benefits administration decision-makers also identified several advantages to be gained by allowing employees to modify their own data via the web:

  • Information is kept updated and presumably more accurate
  • There’s a reduction in calls to the HR/Benefits department
  • Overall, the organization perceives a reduced administrative burden

Web Portals: Entrenched and Established

With computers getting smaller and more people using lightweight portable devices such as netbooks and tablets for work, more employees will want to see and manage their benefits information online. Nearly all of the large companies surveyed and over two thirds of midsized companies already have a web-based portal and are using it for benefits administration, communications, HR management, and related activities. Among those, most of them agree that providing 24/7 access is either “extremely” or “very” important, yet only 72% of large companies and 66% of mid-sized companies provide round-the-clock access. Moreover, only about half of them provide their benefits, HR and payroll information and functions through a single portal. The other half currently distributes information and functions via multiple portals, although 70% of those respondents are interested in consolidating down to one portal.

Mobile Apps: Demand Is Strong and Getting Stronger

On average, 40% of our respondents’ employees use mobile technology in their regular workday activities, a number that’s expected to increase over the next two years. Smartphone ownership among U.S. midsized businesses is expected to grow by 40% over the next year, and tablet ownership is expected to expand by 85% during that time frame.

Industry analysts agree that the mobile space is poised for huge growth. According to Prashanth Motupalli, survey research analyst at AMI, “The current generation of workers is never without their mobile devices. These workers already use mobile devices to email and browse the web. But they are now looking for more sophisticated business applications while not in the office. This opportunity means much more than spreadsheets and documents.”

Our respondents’ preferred mobile apps for HR/Benefits include:

  • Health Care provider information
  • Plan descriptions
  • Benefits alerts and reminders
  • Virtual insurance cards
  • Emergency contact information

In summary, while HR management and benefits administration decision-makers recognize the value offered by technology such as decision support tools, web-based portals and mobile apps, most are not yet taking full advantage of them.

*A complete list of sources and citations can be found in the full report.

About This Report: Report data and conclusions are based on a 2011 HR/Benefits Pulse Survey conducted by the ADP Research Institute, a specialized group within ADP. See full report for details on research methodology.

Keywords: Benefits Administration, HR Management, Mobile Technology

Business Types: Research for Midsized Organizations, Research for Large Organizations

Roles: Research for Human Resources Professionals, Research for IT Professionals

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