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The Retirement Savings Paradigm: Factors Influencing Saving

This new study delves deeply into aggregated, anonymous payroll data, highlighting retirement savings insights and opportunities for employers, benefits administrators, retirement advisors, and others to help increase the retirement savings rate of U.S. employees.  

Retirement Savings Trends

For the second year, the ADP Research Institute® examined the types of companies — by size and type of industry — that offer retirement benefits, as well as the retirement savings behaviors of approximately 10 million U.S. employees in 2014.

Retirement Planning Benefits Create a Win-Win for Businesses and their Employees

Data indicates that young workers are thinking about retirement even if they’re not sure how to plan for it. This creates an opportunity for savvy employers to offer retirement planning education as part of their benefits package to enhance their reputation as an “employer of choice".  

Retirement Readiness Benefits May Help Businesses to Recruit and Retain Top Talent

Research suggests that providing a retirement benefit adds to a company’s competitive marketability, giving the employer a distinct edge in the race to recruit and retain top talent. This advantage will become increasingly valuable as more Baby Boomers retire, and fewer younger workers are available to fill their positions.  

Mitigate Your Exposure to ACA “Shared Responsibility” Penalties

How well you keep up with changes to the ACA law can affect how much you may have to pay in ACA tax penalties.  

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The Retirement Savings Paradigm: Factors Influencing Saving

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