You've been with us for 15 weeks. From team building to negotiating, from delegation to human resources, you've come back every Wednesday for another helping of small business advice — and now it's time to graduate. (Sorry, we didn't bring a cake!)

We hope that over the last three months, you've learned or honed some techniques, discovered insights and picked up some actionable strategies to boost your bottom line. For our final installment of our Small Business Summer School series, let's take a look back at what you've learned and why it matters.

Taking the Time

Whether it's planning for a much-needed vacation, delegating business responsibilities or improving your sales cycle, time is what you need. Small business owners are frequently caught in the "time trap" — with so much to do, how do you spare a moment for anything that isn't immediately necessary? But taking a cue from summer, it's worth finding opportunities throughout the year to slow down just enough to take a deep breath and plan your next move. Maybe that's prepping your team for your absence, taking a hard look at what you can do yourself and where you need help, or finding ways to speed up your sales cycle by taking a step back and watching the process run. Bottom line? To get more time, you've got to make the time.

Leading the Way

Our small business advice also tackled one of the biggest challenges facing business owners at companies of all sizes: leadership. We gave you tips on how to better engage staff and build team morale, communicate with employees and offer constructive feedback, and create productive energy in your office to help both improve corporate culture and reduce total stress. Staff will follow your lead — when you promise, preach and practice the skills of a true leader, the results speak for themselves.

That's it, folks — summer school is out. But, as you know, when you're a small business owner, there's always something new to learn. We hope you'll continue to visit Thrive throughout the year for tips, advice and insights to help you, your employees and your business succeed. See you soon!

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