As the competition for quality employees heats up, many businesses are utilizing marketing activities to attract talent. Promoting their brand on social media and elsewhere gives them an edge in the drive to bring talented employees on board. How can you employ marketing techniques to reach the job seekers you most want on your team?

Use Marketing Tools to Recruit

Joe Budzienski at Entrepreneur offers tips for leveraging social media to recruit quality job candidates:

Promote your company's image. How do job seekers view your company's "talent brand?" Use social media to communicate the many benefits of working for your company. Strive for a consistently upbeat message across all platforms through the use of focused content, images and video.

Invite employees to evangelize. Encourage employees to champion your company through Tweets and blog posts, as well as sharing photos on Tumblr, Facebook and elsewhere. Their enthusiasm will attract interest from prospective candidates within their social media networks.

Today's HR leaders and businesses need to "think like marketers" when recruiting employees, notes Colin Day at Forbes. It's critical to convey a strong, exciting brand on your career site, "including engaging photos and video, information about departments and employees, and providing up-to-date and relevant material" about the culture. A company's look and feel factor heavily in a job-seeker's decision to apply.

Setting Your Company Apart

The branding process aims to establish a favorable emotional connection between a company's offerings and its target audience. Another key element of this strategy is creating content that evokes this emotional connection, a tactic that's easily transferable to the recruitment process.

What is it about your culture and workplace that stands out from all the rest? Identify key differentiators, such as creativity, schedule flexibility or a collaborative environment, and then make it the theme of the content appearing on your website, in your company blog and on your careers page. The more consistent you are in developing a positive theme, the better your results will be in targeting the types of candidates you will want to hire.

For example, millennial job seekers often identify corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a high-priority consideration. If your business is committed to CSR initiatives, you should promote your efforts through articles, photos and videos highlighting employee volunteers and other charitable activities. Make sure your recruiters are fully up to speed on CSR activities and can spread the word about these policies on appropriate online outlets.

Great marketing also relies upon word of mouth. Look for ways to continuously enhance your workplace atmosphere and satisfied employees will become ardent ambassadors for your brand. They'll happily spread the word about perks and rewards your organization offers among their own networks and friends.

Whether you're in an active hiring mode or not, focus on building relationships with individuals you've identified as promising future job candidates. Just as you market your products to the buying public, you should adopt marketing activities to attract talent wherever you can.

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