While customer feedback surveys can help your small business collect a wealth of information, it is important to understand how you can make all that data actionable.

Companies can use feedback to develop new product lines, improve customer service quality and overhaul their marketing strategies. Without the time and resources to interpret data, however, initiatives can fall completely flat.

Use the five following tips to help you take the right action based on your meaningful survey results:

1. Adjust Your Strategic Direction

When you launch a new product line or marketing campaign, you may face some degree of risk and uncertainty. It's impossible to assess how an initiative will perform in the market — and that's where customer feedback surveys enter the picture. Instead of guessing what your audience will think, give your customers an early prototype to elicit their opinions on an idea and collect feedback. Use your survey results to cross-check your business assumptions and future plans with the actual desires of your market.

2. Implement New Customer Success Learnings

Feedback surveys help customer-facing teams reach their target audiences by communicating with the market directly. Use this data to gauge needs in the market, analyze trends, present findings to stakeholders and learn more about your audience.

3. Answer Your Business Questions

When you pursue a new business initiative, a number of questions arise along the way. Instead of making assumptions, aim to address your uncertainties directly. Customer feedback is invaluable to this process. Tailor your surveys to the specific business challenges you face. For instance, if you're unsure how to design the packaging of your product, share potential concepts with your target audience and then use this information to outsmart ambiguity.

4. Improve Your Marketing Campaigns

Customer feedback surveys help businesses develop effective marketing campaigns. Small businesses in particular have limited resources when they launch new initiatives because there is limited room to take risks with experimental programs.

Through early customer research, you can fine-tune your marketing concepts to help ensure your visuals and messages resonate with the groups you want to reach. For instance, if you launch Facebook ads for a new product, you can survey your customers about which products they're interested in buying. The right feedback will help you tailor your marketing campaigns directly to your audience.

5. Understand Your Weaknesses

No matter how far you stretch your imagination, you can't see your business from the vantage point of your customers unless you ask for their perspective. In your feedback surveys, ask for constructive criticism, then use this information to understand any business weaknesses you may not have previously seen.

With the right strategic direction, planning and implementation, customer feedback can be a powerful business tool.

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