When it comes to growing your marketing campaigns and strategy, it's important to leverage email for visibility in order to attract website visitors. Website traffic, in turn, may increase your leads and sales. Plan your strategy carefully, and enact it thoughtfully for optimal success.

Email marketing remains one of the top Internet marketing tactics for small to midsized businesses. Marketing Sherpa reports that 91 percent of customers in a recent survey enjoy receiving emails from companies they do business with, so this tool can have a great impact, driving excitement and engagement among your customers. If you're using email marketing, be sure to have a clear opt-in on your Web page. Just as important is a simple, visible method for opting out of the list on your outbound emails so that customers can leave at any time. The U.S. Small Business Administration also offers a simple list of the current email marketing laws. Once you are confident that your materials are compliant, it's time to leverage email for visibility and increased traffic.

How to Leverage Email for Visibility

First, establish the basics by choosing a good email automation system. There are solutions available at almost all price points, and even the free systems available to small businesses offer easy integration with various tools to help you leverage email for visibility.

Here are three tips to maximize the results from the time and effort you put into your email marketing campaign:

  1. Include social media sharing buttons on each outbound email. These buttons allow your customers to share their favorite messages on social media.
  2. Add sign-up buttons on your social media accounts.
  3. Repurpose email content on your blog.

Other Internet Marketing Tactics

Visibility grows with awareness. To generate awareness for your company's products or services, you must be consistent in all of your publications, advertising and marketing. You can improve your consistency with a few steps:

  • Using the same fonts, colors and properly licensed images in all of your online and offline marketing.
  • Choosing a consistent theme, tone and voice for your various communications.
  • Sharing your messages across multiple marketing channels. Leveraging email for visibility, for example, may also mean replicating the email's message on a specific campaign landing page on your company website or running banner ads across other sites to drive traffic.

Your business's marketing strategy should take into account the channels available to you for low or no-cost. By using all of these channels consistently and sharing the same messages through each channel, you can greatly leverage email for visibility throughout your marketing campaigns.

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