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Terms & Conditions

Three Months Free Offer*

*In order to receive three free months 401(k) recordkeeping services with ADP, company must complete and sign an ADP sales order by June 28, 2019 (must be submitted by this date), and use ADP 401(k) recordkeeping services for three consecutive months at the original implemented recordkeeping price including any discounts. One month free 401(k) recordkeeping will be applied to client’s invoice for clients in good standing after the first three months of processing. This offer cannot be combined with any other promotions and only available to new ADP Clients using 401(k) recordkeeping services with ADP in the Continental U.S. This promotion has no minimum asset or participant criteria and applies to all features of standard 401(k) recordkeeping processing invoiced on your regular processing cycle and does not include additional non-recordkeeping services, excludes pass through costs, courier and other delivery fees, including off cycle fees, hardware, or penalty and interest fees.

This offer shall not apply for sales orders signed after June, 28, 2019 and may not be combined with any other offers. If failure to begin 401(k) recordkeeping services due exclusively to client delay in implementation of the 401(k) recordkeeping services, then ADP reserves the right to terminate this promotion. Other exclusions may apply. Quote based on information provided by you and may vary if frequency, employee size, services or other features change.

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