PwC’s 2011 Total Cost of Ownership Study

The Hidden Reality of Payroll & HR Administration Costs

PwC’s 2011 Total Cost of Ownership Study

For nearly a decade, PwC, with the sponsorship of ADP, has studied payroll and HR TCO costs and how to mitigate them. The 2011 study is, by far, the industry’s most comprehensive study to date on this subject and presents new findings about the current total cost of administering these business-critical functions as well as the top strategies for reducing TCO.

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Scott Pollak, Director of PwC Saratoga (PwC’s human capital benchmarking offering), presents the 2011 TCO study in a free on-demand webinar.

Scott Pollak
Director, PwC

What you will learn in the 2011 study

  • How much organizations like yours are REALLY spending on payroll and HR administration
  • The seven categories of cost drivers – including 3 “hidden costs”
  • How administration costs have changed since 2003
  • Strategies that some organizations are using to reduce HR and payroll administration costs
  • The impact of new technology models, such as Software-as-a-Service (Saas), on TCO

About the Study

  • Independently researched and prepared by PwC
  • 279 participating organizations, ranging from 100 to more than 100,000 employees
  • Confidential Web-based questionnaire
  • Completed by senior financial and HR executives
  • Nine charts with dozens of data points

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