[Video] Workforce News Minute: Growing Trend Helps Small Businesses Go Big

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In today's competitive landscape, organizations are constantly looking for an edge.

For small businesses, one growing trend is helping them go big. In this Workforce News Minute, Kristen Appleman, Senior Vice President of ADP Total Source, highlights the advantages Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) offer small firms.

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When you think of a small business, they are trying to separate themselves. They're trying to show that they are a big business and can provide the benefits, the perks, the programs, the training, the development, like a large organization, even though they're small, but they can still be very mighty by partnering with the PEO.

And employers want choice. And so if you think of a big business, there's a lot of choices; be it the types of health care plans provided, the options in terms of how to engage in training and development. But as a small business, that's hard to show up.

PEOs give them a competitive edge on the hiring and retention, and they can offer a broad array of HR services at a more efficent cost, and notably offer access to retirement plans that small businesses may not otherwise be able to sponsor. And so as people are weighing their options on where to work, these types of differentiators, they give a smaller firm a stronger chance to stand out.