New ADP Integration with Microsoft Teams Helps Build a More Connected Workforce

Microsoft Teams Integration with ADP

Announcing the ADP Virtual Assistant for Microsoft Teams.

It's no secret that the world of work is changing. One area experiencing seismic shifts today is how workers connect with each other. Notably, collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams are reshaping how people communicate and access information within a company. And now, the convenience and productivity from this tool can be extended to include HR information, thanks to a simple but powerful integration with ADP.

Available to mutual customers, the easy-to-activate ADP Virtual Assistant brings ADP info and actions directly into the Microsoft Teams experience. This new solution, available free-of-charge on ADP Marketplace, puts a range of features at the user's fingertips.*

Here are some feature highlights for your employees:

  • View Your Pay Information - Access to your information is easily obtained by asking questions like "How much did I get paid?" or type a keyword like "pay" or "deductions" and the ADP Virtual Assistant will send you the answer.
  • Find Your Work-Life Balance - View and request time off to better manage your work-life balance. Ask a question like "how much time off do I have?" or type keywords like "vacation" or "request time off" and the ADP Virtual Assistant will send you the answer or help you with your request.
  • Keep Tabs on Your Retirement -View your retirement balance and contribution rate, understand how your portfolio is performing and more. Ask questions like "what's my retirement balance?" or "current contributions" and the ADP Virtual Assistant will send you the answer.

All within the collaboration tool they use every day — Microsoft Teams.

By empowering employees to do more, the ADP Virtual Assistant helps to remove friction in the employee experience. And what does this mean for your HR and payroll admins? Less time spent on everyday manual tasks like finding answers to routine employee questions, and more time focusing on driving business success.

Companies using Microsoft Teams for collaboration and ADP for HR and payroll can download the ADP Virtual Assistant from ADP Marketplace today.

Want to learn more?

Are you attending ADP Meeting of the Minds 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada on March 31 – April 3?

Visit the team from Microsoft in hospitality suite 1537 on Tuesday, April 2 between 1pm and 5pm for special demos of the ADP Virtual Assistant for Microsoft Teams.

ADP Virtal Assistant

ADP Virtual Assistant- Time Off

* Features availability dependent on the ADP solutions used. See the integration listing on ADP Marketplace to learn more.