ADP's Dianne Greene (pictured below) was recently recognized as ADP's Working Mother of the Year; ADP was also recognized by Working Mother magazine as one of the "100 Best Companies" for supporting working mothers.

If asked what working mothers wish they had more of, it's likely they will respond in unison with the word, "time."

Yet, despite the strong desire to find more time to achieve success at work and home, many working mothers may say work-life balance is a myth. However, by approaching both with realistic expectations, this balance that so many crave can actually become achievable for even the most time-strapped individuals.

Introducing a working mother who knows what it takes to succeed: recently honored as ADP's 2018 Working Mother of the Year, Dianne Greene's 13-year career path at ADP led to her current role as general manager of the ADP Norfolk (VA) location, home to more than 1,100 associates. Embodying the belief that every person counts, Dianne mentors her associates to provide them with the tools for success and ensures they understand the value of their contributions.

ADP selected Dianne as its Working Mother of the Year, and she was recognized at the 100 Best Companies Gala Awards Dinner on October 9, 2018, in New York City. In addition to Dianne's award, ADP was also recognized as Working Mother® magazine's "100 Best Companies" for its outstanding leadership in creating progressive programs and benefits that advance and support working mothers.

Below are three tips from Dianne on achieving work life balance.

1. Realize There Isn't Such a Thing as Perfect Work Life Balance

It's important to accept that work-life balance doesn't constantly exist in perfect harmony. It's all about setting realistic expectations to redefine what that balance looks like. Sure, there are times the stars align and one can move along with great cadence. When the moments of balance do occur, make them last as long as possible and hold onto the moments of peace.

However, it is important to understand there will be times when things don't feel aligned or there are not enough hours in the day. The key is realizing the imbalance doesn't last forever. There is always a give and take, whether at home or at work, but be honest with yourself and never beat yourself up about it. For those who can come to the realization that work life balance won't be 50/50 all the time, they will soon achieve their own version of perfect balance.

2. Success at Work Begins with the Individual

It's important to embody the belief that every person counts, and to recognize the contributions of individuals at every level of the organization. A true leader understands the success drivers of each individual on their team and invests in their individual achievements on a day-to-day basis. If this takes place with each individual, together, the team will be successful.

This approach allows leaders to create safe, trusted environments for individuals to be their authentic selves at work. In turn, leading with authenticity fosters ideation, innovation, creativity, experimentation and overall achievement.

3. Networking Transcends the Workplace

The saying "it takes a village" has never been more apparent. Identifying a strong network of family and friends at home should not be viewed as a sign of weakness. Instead, it's OK to seek outside help to check in on family while traveling for business or when in need of that extra support.

Relationship-building is key regardless of the stakeholder. Leveraging leadership skills applied in the workplace, along with the desire to develop others, can certainly transcend into the home. After all, it's important to continue to teach your "team" regardless of their role or age.

For information on how ADP is advancing employee success and promoting leadership among associates, visit the ADP Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

dianne greene

PHOTO: Dianne Greene, right, was honored as ADP's Working Mother of the Year 2018 at Working Mother magazine's October 9, 2018 gala. ADP was also recognized as one of the magazine's "100 Best Companies."

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