When Performance is Made Visible, Everybody Wins

Having visibility into talent can give you a long-term competitive advantage — starting at the all-important first step: The interview. But once you land the right person, how do you keep them engaged? How do you ensure their performance matches not only your business goals — but theirs? At ADP®, we can help you win the war for talent with comprehensive solutions and expert guidance. From better data insights to guide candidate hires to employee development plans to help you retain top talent, we’re with you every step of the way. How?

Attract talent and hire strategically.

Finding the best talent can be a full-time job. But no matter how much time and energy your company devotes to it, hiring smarter is an ongoing challenge. From full service recruiting support to using the applicant tracking* built within the ADP TotalSource® technology, we help you find the right person for open roles. Our intuitive software includes specific screens that let you track applicants, rate top candidates, schedule interviews, and make competitive offers. And, when you need assistance at any point in the process, we have certified recruiters experienced in full-service executive and non-executive recruitment* as well as candidate search support through resume searching and job posting.*

Develop your people and measure their performance.

Assess your staff more effectively. Let them know how they’re contributing to business priorities and show them not just where they can improve but also how. It's about getting the best from your people. It’s an on-going journey—not a one-time effort, but through our proprietary emotional blueprint that unlocks humanity at work, ADP TotalSource can help your employees find their WorthEthicTM to feel personally invested at work.

We’ll also help you engage your employees throughout their career with a clear and cohesive employee experience that helps you keep them. You can do things like assign competency requirements, offer leadership development, set performance goals,* and have career development conversations with your employees. You’ll gain access to hundreds of training courses designed to assist you — and your employees — build their skills and competencies for long-term growth and development. We’ll happily help with anything from advice to on-site training.

Performance data can help you spot trends, identify candidates for career growth, and address issues before they become problems. And our leadership development training* assists you in retaining and developing employees for management and executive roles. We’re here every step of the way to provide you with guidance and assistance to help you unleash employee potential.

Competitively pay to win.

Equal pay for equal work isn’t just correct; it’s critical for your business and your brand. Whether you’re making an offer or giving a raise, know that it’s competitive with decision-quality data from 30 million employees. When you can see how your salaries compare to the market, identify talent flight risks, and determine raises you can be in better control of your workforce. This information comes standard as part of ADP TotalSource.

Just 29% of millennials report feeling engaged at work.

Just 29% of millennials report feeling engaged at work.**

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Leverage data to multiply your advantage.

Analytics bring you key information for working more strategically. With ADP TotalSource, your dedicated HR partner gets to know your business goals, dissects ADP® DataCloud Analytics to see how the people side of your business is performing, and brings back strategies and builds programs to help you drive smarter personnel decisions.

You have full access to view ADP DataCloud Analytics, but you don’t have to do it alone. We provide expert guidance on what the information means for your business and help you plug in programs that take advantage of opportunities to elevate your business.

* Additional fee may apply.

** Gallup, “Few Millennials Are Engaged at Work,” August 30, 2016, http://www.gallup.com/businessjournal/195209/few-millennials-engaged-work.aspx (accessed June 25, 2017).