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Hiring 101

If growth is a goal for your small business, it’s likely you’ll eventually need to hire one or more employees. Although it’s normal to experience a little trepidation when taking this big step, our hiring guidebook will provide you with best practices to help you before, during, and after you bring your first employee on board.

Part One: Defining Your Hiring Requirements

  • Who do you need?
  • Defining job responsibilities
  • Understanding job requirements
  • Writing a job description

Part Two: The Hiring Process

  • Posting your job
  • Targeting the right people
  • Identifying qualified candidates
  • Interviewing tips
  • Extending an offer
  • Conducting background and reference checks

Part Three: On-Boarding Your First Employee

  • Applying for an EIN
  • Figuring out federal and state withholding taxes
  • Creating an employee handbook
  • Obtaining workers’ compensation insurance
  • Displaying workplace posters
  • Record keeping


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How to Make your First Hire