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  • Are you looking for advice on how to
    keep your people engaged?

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  • Are you aware of all the ways the
    Affordable Care Act affects your business?

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  • Do you feel overwhelmed by
    payroll and tax tasks?

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  • Do you need help complying with state and federal
    regulations on issues such as minimum wage and overtime?

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  • Could you use help managing
    day-to-day HR to-dos?

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  • Employees who are very satisfied with their benefits are almost 4 times more likely to be very satisfied with their jobs.
    Source: MetLife 2015

  • The ACA’s regulatory burden already exceeds $30 billion on private, state, and local entities.
    Source: US House of Representatives Committee on Small Business, 2013

  • The IRS issued $4.5 billion in payroll tax penalties to small businesses in 2013.
    Source: Internal Revenue Service 2013

  • 21 states plus the District of Columbia increased their minimum wage in 2015.
    Source: Business Insider, "These 21 States Raised the 2015," January 2015

  • Up to 80% of an HR department’s time is spent on administration and paperwork.
    Source: HR World, 2015

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It looks like ADP Resource might not be the right fit for you, but let’s find out what is.

If you’re just interested in software, RUN Powered by ADP might be right up your alley.
(Under 50 employees)

If you would like ADP to provide a comprehensive HR and benefits solution, you might want to consider a coemployment arrangement with our PEO, ADP TotalSource.
(2 or more employees)

You can also contact us, and we’ll work through what’s right for you.

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