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Talent Acquisition: Driving consistency from global complexity

For organizations operating across multiple countries and cultures, talent acquisition is an especially complex undertaking fraught with challenges. Lack of visibility and consistency. Disconnected decision-making. And an inability to identify and fill global talent gaps — before they negatively impact the business. Given these hurdles, how can multinational companies respond to local demands while maintaining a coherent recruiting strategy across the globe?

It all starts with an integrated approach to talent acquisition, supported by an innovative technology platform. With ADP, you can choose to leverage our powerful technology with service support, or hand over the reins to our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) experts.

Improve sourcing and recruitment management

Our talent acquisition solutions are designed to help you find the right people, fast. With ADP, you can:

  • Gain consistent, single-point control over all aspects of candidate relationship management
  • Get secure access to confidential data for managers, employees or authorized partners/agencies
  • Help reduce compliance-related risks, with multiple features and protocols including built-in adherence to local and national pre-employment and onboarding directives
  • Build a global talent funnel of passive candidates, active job seekers, networking contacts, employee referrals and internal candidates
  • Use social media and premier job posting sites to find and attract new talent, or use a dedicated recruitment specialist to manage all aspects of your recruiting program
  • Conduct decentralized, multi-national recruiting while maintaining visibility into the status of each opening

Optimize hiring speed and reduce the burden on your resources

Time and money are among your most valuable resources — and outdated recruitment technologies and processes can be a heavy burden on them both. That’s why ADP’s talent acquisition solutions help you:

  • Find candidates quickly using active and passive sourcing, and integrated decision support services
  • Leverage flexible, self-managed workflows to simplify recruiting, hiring and onboarding for managers and HR
  • Help identify the best available talent with background checks and drug testing. Get insights and refine plans with one-click reports, ad hoc reporting tools and data warehouse integration
  • Integrate and automate your talent recruitment solution with other functions of HR and payroll

Outsource Your Global Talent Recruitment to the Experts at ADP

From social and mobile recruitment to advanced process efficiencies, we don’t just know how to implement the latest best practices in talent recruitment — we help define them. With ADP’s multi-national Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solution, our recruitment experts can work with you to improve your talent acquisition process, reducing complexity, streamlining processes, and truly aligning your recruitment efforts to business objectives.

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