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ADP Mobile Frequently Asked Questions

ADP Mobile Application is unveiling its most significant redesign since its release in 2011.  This rollout will occur in phases and continue throughout the Summer and Fall of 2015.  New features will include a convenient dashboard with features you use most, biometric fingerprint login, and fast recovery of forgotten usernames and passwords. During the rollout process, you may have questions and concerns. This document answers some of our users most frequently asked questions.

I downloaded the latest version of ADP Mobile for iPhone and it looks the same to me as older versions.  What do I have to do in order to get the new redesigned application?

Answer: The first time you access the application, you will see the standard version of ADP Mobile. The redesigned application will begin to show on your Login screen from your 2nd successful login. Users with ALINE Paycard or Internal Job Search features will continue to see the same UI without changes until the future release in the Fall. Note: In order to be eligible for the redesigned ADP Mobile, you need to have an iOS device running iOS 8.0 or later.  
Note: We do not recommend deleting and reinstalling the app.  Doing so will result in starting the process of logging in and out all over again.

How come I do not have Touch ID?  The app store said that I should have Touch ID enabled?

Answer: To be eligible for TouchID, you need to first see the new, redesigned user experience using an iPhone 5s or later running a minimum of iOS 8. Please note that your company may choose to disable TouchID on ADP Mobile for its employees.  Also, Touch ID must be enabled through your iPhone’s settings.
Once you see the redesigned user experience, the option to enable TouchID will begin to show on the Password page after your second successful login.

When will the redesigned application be available for Android?

Answer: The redesigned application for Android is expected in the Fall of 2015.

Will Android support Touch ID?

Answer: The redesigned Android application will not support Touch ID.  Although Android devices support their own version of fingerprint identification, there is no single standard.  In the future, if a standard emerges for Android, we will consider supporting fingerprint login at that time.

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