Managing a fast-paced acquisition strategy.

Lisa Panagos spoke about the challenges of keeping pace with a fast-changing acquisition strategy and ensuring all 45 U.S. locations across the country have a coordinated and smooth payroll strategy.

“What came out of our years with ADP is that we benefited from a world-class customer service experience, at every level.”

Lisa Panagos , Payroll Manager , Sika North America

  • Took on the payrolls for seven acquisitions
  • Supported expanding workforce from 868 to approximately 1,500 employees
  • Created and implemented a new system for managing wage garnishments
  • Collaborated with HR to manage HRIS and payroll transitions for the recent acquisitions
  • Developed a guide to manage the payroll element regarding future acquisitions

Challenges Sika North America faced:

  • Keep pace with a fast-changing acquisition strategy.
  • Ensure all 45 U.S. locations across the United States have a coordinated and smooth payroll strategy.
  • Provide value-added reporting across the organization.

How ADP helped

  • ADP Workforce Now® helped them meet complex needs for payroll, time and labor management and paid time off (PTO).
  • Collaborated with Sika North America to develop and refine the Workforce Now implementation.
  • Uses scheduling enhancement to add a payroll to the schedule without having to contact ADP.
  • Simplified and integrated process linking time and attendance and payroll.
  • The automated features give payroll staff an opportunity to engage one of their favorite on-the-job interests — reporting.
  • Consistent reliability and excellent customer service.

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About Sika North America
Headquarters: Lyndhurst, NJ
Founded: 1990s
Industry: Specialty chemical products supplier to construction and industrial markets (transportation, marine, and automotive sectors)
Size: 1,500 employees in 45 states 
ADP products: ADP Workforce Now®

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