Delivering the Cure

“With [employees] having the ability to go in and change their W4s and track their own PTO it saves me time ... Now that we’ve finally got it integrated the way we needed to, it’s taking maybe an hour with all the review processes to [process payroll].” – Kimberly Dalrymple, Financial Services Director, Cascade Medical Center

Kimberly Dalrymple, Financial Services Director, Cascade Medical Center

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Dedicated Professional Resources

"[With ADP] we have a whole team of professional resources that my staff and our employees can call on whenever they need assistance."

Sandra Rose, Human Resources Director, The Treatment Center and the Adolescent Treatment Center of the Palm Beaches

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Achieving a Strategic Vision

"The calls in the department reduced significantly, about 50 percent. And as a result we were able to reduce headcount in our small staff."

Jessica Larson, Senior Vice President of HR, Center for Diagnostic Imaging (CDI)

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Providing Peace of Mind

"As a business owner, the partnership with ADP is just a huge relief. They know what they’re talking about. They make sure we’re compliant. I feel like we’re a big business because we have ADP and they’re representing us!"

Lori Whitehead, President, Whimet, Inc.

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Helping VRI Increase Efficiency and Engagement

Chad Dresnick, Human Resource Manager, VRI

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Self-Service HR

"Eliminate paperwork, give your employees power, and simplify your workflow!"

Sarah Hersh, HR Coordinator, Daily Planet

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User Friendly

"The WFN module is very user friendly and it's nice to have everything you need in one place."

Kathryn Hubbard, Payroll Manager, HMS

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