Delivering the Cure

“With [employees] having the ability to go in and change their W4s and track their own PTO it saves me time ... Now that we’ve finally got it integrated the way we needed to, it’s taking maybe an hour with all the review processes to [process payroll].” – Kimberly Dalrymple, Financial Services Director, Cascade Medical Center

Kimberly Dalrymple, Financial Services Director, Cascade Medical Center

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Automation Support and Partnership

"ADP's ability to support our move to automation from a paper-based model has been significant."

Wendy St. Claire, Director, Compensation and Benefits, Interfor

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Connected From Recruiting to Payroll

"I like the ease of recruitment to hiring. Hours and time off requests are seamless and move right into payroll."

Trish Craig, Payroll Supervisor, CoBiz Financial Inc.

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User Friendly

"The WFN module is very user friendly and it's nice to have everything you need in one place."

Kathryn Hubbard, Payroll Manager, HMS

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On Top of Compliance

"ADP is well suited for compliance with all legal regulations."

John Loudermill, Payroll Manager, Long Wave Inc.

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Surpassing Expectations

"[ADP] can meet or beat your expectations when it comes to cost and time to set up a new platform."

Anthony J. Romano, Payroll Manager,

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