Cutting Costs


Beeline: Navigating Mergers and Acquisitions With HR Automation

“We avoided $1.5 million dollars in penalties in our benefits program. Without ADP I would have to hire two [additional] individuals.”

Traci Kellner, Executive Vice President of Human Capital, Beeline

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Millions Saved in Overtime Payments

"[With ADP we] eliminated 264 hours of biweekly overtime, which resulted in a $4 million decrease in overtime payments in 2015."

Sandra Rose, Human Resources Director, The Treatment Center and the Adolescent Treatment Center of the Palm Beaches

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Providing More Actionable Information

“We’ve taken our closing process from 12 to 6 days. Now we have time to analyze how to provide more quantitative, actionable information.”

John Clamp, Chief Financial Officer, AACOG

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Optimizing HR

"Had it not been for ADP Workforce Now, my staff would probably be double in size."

Grisell Martinez, Senior Human Resources and Payroll Manager, MoreDirect, Inc.

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Saving Money with ADP

“ ADP Workforce Now Carrier Connections has also helped to save money and keep my overhead down – I don’t need as many people monitoring the process.”

Chuck Fimble , Chief Talent Officer, KIPP Houston Public Schools

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Surpassing Expectations

"[ADP] can meet or beat your expectations when it comes to cost and time to set up a new platform."

Anthony J. Romano, Payroll Manager,

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Exceeding Expectations

"ADP has far exceeded our expectations. Effective and efficient payroll processing supported by a great company."

Robert Rycroft, Executive Sponsor, Broughton Hospitality Group

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