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Providing the Technology We Need

"As a small company without an internal IT team, having up-to-date, user-friendly HRM software with an functional employee portal would be nearly impossible without ADP Workforce Now."

Amber Akers, Payroll HR Administrator, Z&L Machining, Inc

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Efficient Employee Self-Service Tools

"ADP has streamlined our processes with payroll and timekeeping. Employee self service and time off process has eliminated a lot of wasted paper and time."

Amy Odle, Administration Manager, M&M Merchandisers Inc

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Payroll Confidence

"Fewer errors are made using ADP than other payroll software."

Ashley Kring, Commercial Credit Analyst, GreenStone Farm Credit Services

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Easy Payroll Processing

"...easy to view and understand for the senior professional to the less-seasoned professional."

Andrea Bergan, Payroll Manager, Aerostructures

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Exceeding our Expectations

"In the recent months, our Relationship Manager has taken our experience to a new & encouraging level."

Annie Schares , HR Payroll Administrator, Veridian Credit Union

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Surpassing Expectations

"[ADP] can meet or beat your expectations when it comes to cost and time to set up a new platform."

Anthony J. Romano, Payroll Manager,

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Fast & Simple Payroll

"Before going to comprehensive services, payroll would generally take 10-12 hours to complete. Now it's as simple as completing a spreadsheet. "

Barbara J. Leach, HR Manager, Jo-Kell Inc.

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Support for HR

"ADP has many resources to support HR. I use the Bridge and the service center for day-to-day support…"

Barbara Johnson, HR Director, RegEd

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Saving Time with Payroll Processing

"In using ADP we are able to record and pay our employees. It is critical to our employee retention to pay employees in a timely manner."

Barbara Toriel, HR Analyst, Nan Mckay and Associates

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All-in-One Solution

"ADP Workforce Now is a one source [solution] for payroll, timekeeping, ATS, benefits, and HRIS."

Christina Kapalin , HR Business Partner, Phoenix Packaging Operations LLC

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Extended HR Team

"Organization, Tracking of data, accountability, ability to have a one person department with a lot of support."

Christine LaMott , HR Director, Cameron's Coffee

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Streamlining Processes & Minimizing Paper Waste

"It allows processes to become streamlined which allows HR professionals more time out on the floor."

Cortney Welz, HR Manager, Rose Medical

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Responsive Customer Service

"ADP customer service center is just a phone call away and they are always very helpful and knowledgeable."

Doris Rao, Senior Accountant, Village Roadshow Entertainment Group

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Professional, Efficient & Responsive

"We had 5 different implementation specialists for new ADP products added recently and each one was professional, efficient and responsive."

Emily Ritchey, VP of Human Resources, HBD Industries Inc

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Excellent Customer Service

"Easy to use, excellent customer service, organization and simplified the work."

Enid Serrano, HR Executive, Damar of PR Services, Inc

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Focused on What Counts

"It is well suited any time a company wants to focus on the business rather than payroll processing."

Gary Pudimat, Manager, Treasury and Compensation, Jacksonville Port Authority

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Perfect Tax Solution

"ADP Workforce Now is good in the tax and banking portal. They respond to agency notices and take immediate action."

Hassan Nawaz, Payroll Administrator, PCM

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Peace of Mind Tax Filings

"I like the piece of mind that tax filings and ACA reporting are processed on time."

Jeanne Misiewicz, Paymaster, UNSOMICS

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On Top of Compliance

"ADP is well suited for compliance with all legal regulations."

John Loudermill, Payroll Manager, Long Wave Inc.

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Trustworthy Payroll

"Consistent and efficient. I also like the ability to preview my payroll before submitting."

Josie Catino, Office Manager, Finegold Alexander Architects

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Easy Payroll Processing

" I have been using ADP for 10 years, and the ease of processing the payroll gets better with each upgrade."

Julie Hatfield, Payroll Administrator, Muncie Power Products, Inc.

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Going Paperless

"We have been able to go paperless on time off requests, new hire orientation and separation."

Julie Mathis, HR Manager, Futaba Corporation of America

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Saving Time

"[ADP] saves so much time by having the benefits enrollment online."

Karen Webb, Payroll Supervisor, Stevens Worldwide Van Lines

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User Friendly

"The WFN module is very user friendly and it's nice to have everything you need in one place."

Kathryn Hubbard, Payroll Manager, HMS

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Compliance Made Easy

"ADP Workforce Now has made ACA compliance easy."

Keith Franks, HR Manager, Joyce Meyer Ministries

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Efficient Applicant Tracking System

"The ATS is great because we can manage both internal and external applicants for open roles through the same portal. "

Keith Franks, HR Manager, Joyce Meyer Ministries

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Excelling in Payroll

" I honestly can't think of where ADP Workforce Now doesn't excel...if I ever have any questions/issues, HR is right there."

Keith Miller, Security Analyst, Cerner Corporation

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"I am looking forward to being able to have our new hire paperwork become electronic and stored in the cloud. It will be accessible to us from anywhere. This will help us to become paperless!!!"

Kris Benson, VP of Human Resources, Envoy Mortgage

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Multitude of Reporting Options

"The report writer gives you a multitude of options to pull data out of payroll."

Lana Hermanson, Controller, Bluekai

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Great Support

"The Customer Support Center representatives have been really helpful and great to work with whenever I need them."

Leslie Shoemaker, Payroll Specialist, Dolphin Quest

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Seamless Connectivity

"ADP Workforce Now seamlessly ties their HRIS to a payroll system so that there is absolute transparency and alignment between payroll and HR."

Mark Michaels, HR Generalist, EKOS Corporation

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Intuitive Software

"This software is intuitive and simple."

Meghan Calder, Account Optimization Specialist, Solutionsreach

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Free-Up Time for Strategic Planning

"The time saved by streamlining payroll processes allows for greater opportunity to analyze and strategize our HCM."

Melora Spriggs, HRIS Manager, US LBM

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Secure Platform

"I like the multiple products on WFN. The system is very easy to use. The security of the platform is terrific as well."

Mikhail Kopylov, HR Manager, Franklin Street Bakery

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Unlimited Flexibility

"We have unlimited flexibility on how we manage our team using the Time and Attendance tools. We've been able to effectively keep track of our growing remote work force."

Myles Locke, Chief Financial Officer, Autoscribe Corporation

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Innovative & Secure

"ADP is very innovative, their developers are always looking for ways to improve their services and maximize data security."

Nanda DeRoulet, HRIS Analyst, WoodSpring Hotels

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Easily Customizable Reporting

"It is amazingly easy to customize and works well for both hourly and salary functionality. "

Neeley Stanton, VP HR & Training, Midcoast Federal Credit Union

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Easy & Efficient HR Solution

"Workforce Now makes it easy to manage employees' time and attendance, time-off, benefits, on-boarding, reporting and so much more."

Nichole Nears, HR Manager, Metro Alloys, Inc.

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Amazing Reporting

"Reporting abilities are AMAZING. You can get a report on basically anything you want in ADP."

Nicole Rieger, Human Resources Generalist, Acme Tools

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Amazing Customer Service

"The ease of use is great; however, I really love the amazing customer service that is provided. "

Rikki Thompson, Homeroom Mac & Cheese, People + Culture Manager

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Exceeding Expectations

"ADP has far exceeded our expectations. Effective and efficient payroll processing supported by a great company."

Robert Rycroft, Executive Sponsor, Broughton Hospitality Group

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Self-Service HR

"Eliminate paperwork, give your employees power, and simplify your workflow!"

Sarah Hersh, HR Coordinator, Daily Planet

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Saving Time

"By utilizing the tools available in Workforce Now, we have literally cut out hundreds of man-hours."

Scott Smith, Director of HR, Tax Management Associates

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Powerful Reporting

"Powerful reporting tools offer many functions in one system."

Shira Acosta, PHR, ALC

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Reducing Errors with Smart Integration

"The automatic syncing between HR and Payroll reduces key strokes and errors."

Stephanie Rossomano, Administrator, EMS Management & Consultants, Inc.

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Support for Smaller Organizations

"I have an HR department of one and it has been essential in streamlining a lot of my processes."

Tara Kelly, HR Manager, Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery

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One Stop Shop

"ADP Workforce Now is great for an organization that is looking for a comprehensive one-stop shop for all things HR-related."

Terry Lin, Dean of Instruction, KIPP Houston High School

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Extraordinary Service

"The service level that we've received has been tremendously helpful and the level of service given is extraordinary."

Traci Ruk, Accountability Resources

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Connected From Recruiting to Payroll

"I like the ease of recruitment to hiring. Hours and time off requests are seamless and move right into payroll."

Trish Craig, Payroll Supervisor, CoBiz Financial Inc.

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Easy Payroll Solution

"It helps me keep the time off portion of my position organized and makes it easier to process payroll."

Valerye Zarrad, VP - Corporate Controller, Russo Development

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Winning the War for Talent

"Recruiting portal helps us track applicants, set up interviews, screening and emails all in one step."

Vanessa Barnett, HR Manager, Aerzen USA

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ADP, Always at the Forefront

"ADP is always at the forefront of doing what is best for its clients."

Vanessa Gail Woods, Accounting, Volunteers of America Greater Baton Rouge

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Automation Support and Partnership

"ADP's ability to support our move to automation from a paper-based model has been significant."

Wendy St. Claire, Director, Compensation and Benefits, Interfor

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