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Tracking Time and Saving Money with ADP Workforce Now®

“Because of ADP Workforce Now, we can give our program directors better information to analyze, whether it’s financial or payroll information. They have to manage their budgets, they have to be on time and they can’t overspend. When we can hand them the information they can use it to make better decisions, it’s a win-win situation for everybody.”

John Clamp, Chief Financial Officer, AACOG

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Evolving HR

“ADP is the foundation that allowed the HR team to be efficient. Now the business leaders think of us as consultants, not just as order takers, which for me is probably the best part of our transformation story with ADP.”

Traci Kellner, Executive Vice President of Human Capital, Beeline

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Helping KIPP Houston Public Schools Spend More Time on What Matters

“At the end of the day, ADP allows us to focus on what really matters in our day-to-day lives. I don’t have to spend a lot of time thinking about ADP – I know it’s there and that it’s going to work the way I need it to.”

Chuck Fimble , Chief Talent Officer, KIPP Houston Public Schools

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Helping InFirst FCU Conquer the Many Challenges of a One-Person HR Team

“Since ADP has helped me spend less time on payroll, I can now focus on more strategic things like providing our employees with the best benefits possible. And because we offer the best benefits, we're winning the war for talent.”

Tameka Brown, Senior Vice President of Human Resources, InFirst Federal Credit Union

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Managing Growth With a Single, Integrated Platform

“When we do hire great employees, we don’t want to lose them. With ADP Workforce Now, we’re able to identify patterns or trends as to why people are leaving the company. We can also use that information to monitor levels of engagement.”

Shannon Carson , Assistant Vice President and Human Resource Information System (HRIS) Officer, Heritage Bank

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Unifying HR Administration on a Single Platform with ADP Workforce Now®

"When I think about ADP, the number one thing that comes to mind is trusted service. They’re our trusted partner and the company I want to partner with because, whenever I call, they have all the resources I need to get the answers to all of my questions."

Connie Stahnke, Vice President of HR, Duininck Companies

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Time and Money Efficiencies and Savings

"When we came back to ADP Comprehensive Services, we realized that we got even more than we expected with an enhanced system."

Sandra Rose, Human Resources Director, The Treatment Center and the Adolescent Treatment Center of the Palm Beaches

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Freeing up Time for Strategic Pursuits With ADP Workforce Now®

"The analytics module is probably one of the single most extraordinary modules ADP has developed."

Trinija Martin, Director of HR & Risk Management and Public Information Officer, City of Waycross

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Choosing a HCM Partner Capable of Catering to Clients of All Shapes and Sizes

“Our partnership with ADP frees up more time for HR professionals to be more strategic.”

John Spooner, Senior Vice President of Employee Benefits, Brown & Brown

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Keen Insights for Smarter Decisions

"All of the automated processes in all of our software – and especially ADP because it has employee information and it covers salary and benefits – are just making our lives so much easier."

Alicia Summers, Assistant Controller, Agemark

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Happy return to ADP

“We are able to put a lot more time and energy into solving issues around onboarding and compliance while payroll is being taken care of by ADP.”

Mark Ruma, Chief Growth Officer, Epitec

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Talent Management Made Easy with ADP Workforce Now®

Right now, if ADP says to me, ‘We are going to have this new product. We are going to do it,’ I totally trust that they're going to do it, and I trust it's going to be seamless. I'm looking forward to a whole lot of new products coming out of ADP that will make me look like a hero.

Maxine Hart, Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) , Reading Cooperative Bank

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Managing a large company with a small HR staff

"My HR team loves ADP products, and it frees up our time to do other things. They’re happy, and happy is productive."

Lisa King, Senior Vice President of HR, Washington Federal

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Partnering with ADP to Achieve Their Strategic Vision

"ADP helps us be strategic in sourcing talent. That way we're ahead of the game, and not behind the eight ball, when we're looking for people."

Jessica Larson, Senior Vice President of HR, Center for Diagnostic Imaging

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Seeing the Benefits of Total System Integration

"We’re very experienced when it comes to implementation and integration and we chose ADP because they are too."

Mark Ruma, Chief Growth Officer, Epitec

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Choosing ADP

"ADP has kept our business because they work as a strategic partner, and that’s actually why we stayed with ADP… is the people. it’s the product too, but it’s the people."

Jessica Larson, Senior Vice President of HR, Center for Diagnostic Imaging

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Sharing the Customer Service Experience

"I love ADP products, but it’s the employee expertise that really makes a difference."

Lisa King, Senior Vice President of HR, Washington Federal

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Gaining peace of mind

"It’s absolutely peace of mind to have ADP as part of my arsenal of tools to do my job. "

Bonita Sonderby, Human Resources Director, Visit Denver

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Providing Peace of Mind

"As a business owner, the partnership with ADP is just a huge relief. They know what they’re talking about. They make sure we’re compliant. I feel like we’re a big business because we have ADP and they’re representing us!"

Lori Whitehead, President, Whimet, Inc.

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Relieving HR Headaches with Intuitive Integration

"Now we don’t need to be spending a lot of time looking at the system, trying to figure the system out, where do we find the information we need to do certain things. Information is readily available and it allows us to do our job a lot more efficiently than what we were able to do before."

Ron Weaver, Senior Vice President of Human Resources, American Campus Communities

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Enhancing the Employee Experience

"(ADP Comprehensive Services) is a very efficient process; we don’t have errors anymore, we don’t have mistakes anymore. People trusted their payroll for the first time in company history."

Alan Kessock, Chief Accounting Officer, Pinnacle Agriculture

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Staying Ahead of the Game

"The ADP Relationship Manager acts as a backroom support for us and an internal member of our human resources and payroll team to identify the resources that we need."

Scott Dippolito, Director of Human Resources, Willdan Group

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Transforming HR with the help of ADP®

"We used to be a very transactional, paperwork-driven department… With ADP Workforce Now, we are less transactional, more of a value-added department."

Grisell Martinez, Senior Human Resources and Payroll Manager, MoreDirect, Inc.

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Managing a fast-paced acquisition strategy.

“What came out of our years with ADP is that we benefited from a world-class customer service experience, at every level.”

Lisa Panagos, Payroll Manager, Sika North America

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Having the right tools for the job.

“Having to enter data multiple times for an applicant or an employee is frustrating”

Scott Smith, Director of HR, Tax Management Associates

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Having an amazing partner (no matter what).

“It is so nice to know that, no matter what your challenge is, you have this amazing partner with ADP.”

Pia Saks, Corporate Payroll Manager, Vanderbilt Global Services

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Experiencing superior service.

“With their customer service, caring and technology, ADP is far superior.”

Monica Baker, Senior Vice President, PyraMax Bank

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