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Spending more time on strategy.

“[ADP] allows us to pull back on that tactical work and focus more on [our] people.”

Stephen Polonski, Director of HR, CLEAResult

Managing labor costs and boosting productivity.

"We use [ADP] to anticipate when overtime is going to occur."

Lorraine McCormick, Vice President of Human Resources, Aspire

Keeping up with Regulatory Changes.

“ADP saves us time trying to research all those subjects we need to understand.”

David Laverentz, VP Finance and Administration, Kansas City Royals

Gaining peace of mind.

"It’s absolutely peace of mind to have ADP as part of my arsenal of tools to do my job. "

Bonita Sonderby, Human Resources Director, Visit Denver

Expanding Your Business

“We were looking for someone to help guide us as we grow. ADP seemed to be the right source because it was not only comprehensive, but it was also scalable.”

Billie Jo Waara, Finance Director, Lawrence and Schiller

Preparing for the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

“We take care of kids on a daily basis. The ACA is not something we want to focus on full time.”

Mike Milligan, CFO, The Children’s Center

Having the right tools for the job.

“Having to enter data multiple times for an applicant or an employee is frustrating”

Scott Smith, Commercial Credit Analyst, GreenStone Farm Credit Services

Streamlining processes.

“ADP has helped us streamline and optimize, so we can do things that are more customer-facing.”

Melanie Wiegart, Human Resource Manager, Schuneman Equipment Company

Having an amazing partner (no matter what).

“It is so nice to know that, no matter what your challenge is, you have this amazing partner with ADP.”

Pia Saks, Corporate Payroll Manager, Vanderbilt Global Services

Experiencing superior service.

“With their customer service, caring and technology, ADP is far superior.”

Monica Baker, Senior Vice President, PyraMax Bank

Transforming HR with the help of ADP®

"We used to be a very transactional, paperwork-driven department… With ADP Workforce Now, we are less transactional, more of a value-added department."

Grisell Martinez, Senior Human Resources and Payroll Manager, MoreDirect, Inc.

Managing a fast-paced acquisition strategy.

“What came out of our years with ADP is that we benefited from a world-class customer service experience, at every level.”

Lisa Panagos, Payroll Manager, Sika North America

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