ADP Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Services

You Work Hard to Recruit Executive Talent. They Need A Way to Save Beyond 401(k).

Executive Deferred Compensation

A primary challenge for any business is attracting and retaining talented individuals who will lead future growth of the business. Once an employee has been identified as having exceptional skills, the next challenge for management or business owners is determining adequate compensation and incentives to keep that leader with the firm. Non-qualified deferred compensation is not subject to dollar limits reductions and other restrictions imposed on executive participants who enroll in qualified plans.

Why ADP for Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Services?

  • Objectivity From A Leader You Can Trust. With nearly $8B in non-qualified plan liabilities “under administration,” ADP provides recordkeeping for more non-qualified deferred compensation (NQDC) benefits than many of our better-known brokerage competitors.

    Our approach to serving clients is distinct in the industry, because we offer the strength of proprietary technology combined with a completely independent funding model.

    That means:

    • Unlike our competitors, we’re not compensated for selling assets, and therefore we are impartial as to whether you choose to set aside assets for your deferred compensation program at all.
    • Our interests are aligned with yours, so you can be confident that we’re focused on delivering the services you need to put your plan on the path to success.
  • Knowledge, Flexibility and Service.  Whether your plan is simple or sophisticated, we have a recordkeeping solution to meet your needs. From deferred compensation and restricted stock to long-term incentive arrangements, our flexible, proprietary platform and high touch service model were designed just for you – and for your executive audience.

    We know deferred compensation is an area where one size does not fit all. In fact, defaulting to a bundled NQDC solution that mirrors your 401(k) strategy is rarely a best practice. That’s why your requirements come first, and we take an approach that adapts to your company’s needs.

    To minimize your administrative burden, we can help you set up and implement a new plan. Or, if you already have a plan, we can make the transition easy to ADP from your current in-house or third-party recordkeeping resource.

  • Doing What ADP Does Best: Data Management.  The foundation of any successful NQDC program is the strength and flexibility of its ongoing recordkeeping and reporting. If those tasks aren’t performed correctly then there can be dire consequences for executive participants and your company.

    To help you avoid problems, we leverage what ADP does best – data management – and combine it with our commitment to investing in technology improvements and new features. Plus, you can combine our NQDC solution with other ADP services like payroll and talent management or use it independently as a standalone, best-in-class solution – it’s your choice.

Why Work With ADP?

ADP is committed to helping you attract and keep your executive employees, and helping them stay on the path to retirement readiness. We’ve spent over 15 years creating non-qualified plan administration solutions that are transparent, cost-effective and predictable. You gain ADP’s recordkeeping knowledge and experience, along with the freedom to use any financing strategy that makes sense for your company.

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