Midsized Business Tax Credits Services Can Help Lower Your Effective Tax Rate

The ADP SmartCompliance® Tax Credits Module

There are numerous hiring and location job tax credits and incentives available to companies today. These credits help offset your costs as they can help lower your effective tax rate. But, it can often be difficult to identify and capture all the available business incentives. Categories of Tax Credits available include: Business Incentives, Economic Development Incentives and Sellable and Transferable Incentives (NTBE).

You deal with:

  • Difficulty in identifying all eligible tax credits and incentives
  • The Work Opportunity Tax Credit screening process
  • Maintaining compliance due to complexity and time restraints

These challenges stand between you and your lowest possible tax rate. To help overcome them, you need to:

Claim and Keep All Available Credits

Help identify all available tax credits and business incentives and then capture and defend them.

  • Dedicated practice focused exclusively on helping to maximize tax credit capture
  • Hundreds of specialists
  • Database of approximately 3,000 incentives
  • Proprietary mapping software for geographic zone eligibility

Increase Eligibility Rates for Employment Tax Credits

Employ inclusive screening practices that help identify tax credit opportunities in multiple categories.

  • Integrates with your current hiring process
  • Inclusive, multi-category screening
  • Flexible screening options: web, IVR, call center and mail

Monetize Your Development Efforts

As your business expands, improves or consolidates, you may want to monetize available economic development incentives.

  • Research and incentive value analysis
  • Help negotiate an incentive package
  • Handle administration to help ensure credit capture

More information about the Tax Credits module

Employment and Hiring Tax Credits
Are you taking advantage of available tax credit opportunities as you hire new employees? If not, you may be missing out on the chance to help boost your bottom line.

ADP can efficiently help drive tax credit capture through integration with your current hiring process by helping you to:

  • Identify available credits
  • Screen employees and process eligibility forms
  • Monitor and manage screening tax compliance and form compliance
  • Submit forms to state agencies for tax credit certification
  • Calculate credits
  • Document eligible expenses and produce a detailed audit trail

Specific Tax Credits and Incentives

Billions of dollars in tax savings are available nationwide. With more than 30 years of experience, ADP has the specialized knowledge, experience and proven processes to help you take full advantage of and comply with available employment, work opportunity and other federal and state tax credits. The most popular credits include:

  • Arizona Quality Jobs Tax Credit Program Credit
  • California EDS Employment Training Panel (ETP) Retraining Fund
  • California Enterprise Zone Hiring Credit
  • California New Employee Credit
  • Federal Employment Zone Employment Credit
  • Federal Indian Employment Credit
  • Florida Enterprise Zone Jobs Credit
  • Georgia Investment Tax Credit
  • Georgia Jobs Tax Credit
  • Georgia Manufacturer's Investment Tax Credit
  • Georgia Quality Jobs Credit
  • Georgia Retraining Tax Credit
  • Hawaii Capital Goods Excise Tax Credit
  • Idaho Capital Investment Tax Credit
  • Illinois Replacement Tax Credit
  • Kansas Promoting Employment Across Kansas (PEAK) Withholding Credit
  • Louisiana Enterprise Zone Credits
  • Louisiana Inventory Property Tax Credit
  • Massachusetts Investment Tax Credit
  • Missouri Works Withholding and Income Tax Incentives
  • New Jersey Business Expansion Incentive Payment
  • New Jersey Manufacturing Equipment and Employment Tax Credit
  • New York Investment Tax Credit
  • New York Minimum Wage Reimbursement Credit
  • New York Youth Works Tax Credit
  • Pennsylvania EDS Job Creation Tax Credit
  • South Carolina New Jobs Credit
  • Tennessee Industrial Machinery Credit
  • Tennessee Jobs Credit
  • Transferable Tax Credits
  • US Federal Empowerment Zone Employment Credit
  • US Federal Indian Employment Credit
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit

*ADP Internal Data