Help Simplify Midsized Business Employment Tax Compliance and Minimize Risk for In-House Payroll

With the ADP SmartCompliance Employment Tax Module

You face a significant challenge to ensure timely, accurate calculation and filing of employment taxes across an ever-changing landscape of tax rules and business structure changes. The time and resource impact across multiple stakeholders can dilute your ability to focus on more strategic business objectives such as scale and growth, and it can create risk of penalties due to late or inaccurate deposits.

You deal with:

  • Too many people involved in too many tasks every payroll cycle
  • IT must constantly adjust the ERP business rules to accommodate multiple tax rule changes
  • It can be difficult to keep up with all the different filing and remittance requirements

To help you get over these hurdles, you need to leverage more knowledge, improve your ability to comply with the rules of multiple tax jurisdictions, and do all this while freeing up internal resources for more strategic endeavors.

Leverage Knowledge

You need scalable knowledge and a team of tax professionals to help ensure calculation accuracy and filing timeliness.

  • Works with your in-house payroll system
  • Dedicated team of experienced tax professionals
  • Experience. We move over $450B of tax deposits each year

Help Improve Ability to Comply

You need to better manage the complex relationships with multiple jurisdiction tax types and seamlessly adapt to frequent rule changes.

  • Process that follows all proposed rule changes
  • Updates implemented as soon as they are needed
  • Team to manage agency relationships

Free Up Resources

You need your internal resources for other important matters, avoid system maintenance and other processes that deal process complexities.

  • Integrated with your in-house payroll system
  • Single file submission
  • Most administrative tasks managed by ADP

More about employment tax management services

ADP’s partnership with top-tier ERP and software solutions, such as Oracle, PeopleSoft, JDEdwards, SAP, and Lawson allows you to leverage your internal system while outsourcing the often-tedious tax management process. By employing ADP’s expertise in employment-related tax compliance and timely processing, you can gain control, help mitigate risks, and help eliminate high-risk/low-reward tasks.

In addition to our full service employment tax management solution, we offer a software solution for do it yourself payroll tax management. MasterTax software is available in both a premise based and software-as-a-service solution.

The Employment Tax module from ADP allows you to utilize your in-house payroll system while ADP manages your employment tax processing. Benefit from hassle-free compliance assistance through a dedicated staff of Certified Payroll Professionals who stay informed regarding constantly changing tax laws and requirements.

The Employment Tax module can help you with:

  • Filing of federal, state, and local payroll tax returns
  • Timely depositing of federal, state, and local payroll taxes
  • Annual filing of federal, state, and local W2s and reconciliation forms
  • Preparation and filing of amended returns and supporting documents
  • Rapid resolution of tax agency inquiries
  • Online provision of quarterly and annual statements of deposits and filings
  • Sarbanes-Oxley SAS70 Type II and SysTrust Audits compliance

ADP’s expertise in employment tax management helps you streamline your processes and helps reduce the risks of noncompliance, while also helping you achieve strategic advantages through better use of your staff. Our dedicated team of Certified Payroll Professionals stays abreast of changing tax requirements, and ADP’s systems are regularly updated to help maintain compliance accuracy.

*ADP Internal Estimates