Tax and Compliance Solutions for Midsized Business: Simple, Efficient, Flexible

Whether you have an ADP solution in place to help you manage your payroll and HR functions or you are using other technologies, you still have many tasks that must be completed outside of technology to comply with various tax and other employment-related laws. These tasks can be manual, highly administrative and risky. Even if your staff does these tasks exceptionally well, it does nothing to grow your business. If they aren’t done well, then you are at risk of legal violations, penalties and other cost burdens as well as stress and frustration for your people.

Trust ADP’s expertise in HCM-related tax and compliance matters to offer industry-leading services that integrate with many existing payroll, HR and ERP systems. ADP SmartCompliance® is designed to help minimize employment-related tax and payment compliance risk and help improve process efficiencies, while also helping to reduce costs and employee frustration.

Using a proprietary and secure data management solution, we create a single data connection to your systems. Then, ADP SmartCompliance combines people, processes and technology to help reduce your effort in several employment-related tax and compliance processes:

Employment Tax

ADP SmartCompliance helps minimize your employment-related compliance risk through ADP’s comprehensive controls and proven accuracy. ADP pays one in six U.S. workers and 33 million people worldwide. We harness this experience to help manage your federal, state, and local tax process effectively – from filing and reconciling payroll taxes, to responding to agency inquiries on your behalf. If you are an ADP payroll client, then you already know the value of these services, but if you are using other technologies, no problem. The Employment Tax module integrates with your system to provide a comprehensive solution to cover:

  • Filing of federal, state, and local payroll tax returns
  • Timely depositing of federal, state, and local payroll taxes
  • Annual filing of federal, state, and local W2s and reconciliation forms
  • Preparation and filing of amended returns and supporting documents
  • Rapid resolution of tax agency inquiries
  • Online provision of quarterly and annual statements of deposits and filings

Tax Credits

Help find available opportunities to lower your costs of hiring, expansion, training and other investments while also reducing burden on your staff with the ADP SmartCompliance Tax Credits module.

The Tax Credits module helps your business identify, capture and defend tax credits and incentives for which you may be eligible. These include both federal and state tax credits and incentives, such as the Federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) as well as state-level job creation, zone-based, and hiring credits across the country.

ADP helps simplify the process of screening job applicants for WOTC tax credit eligibility via the Internet, mail, phone and mobile devices, thus helping to reduce your administrative burden while helping to increase screening compliance rates. Take advantage of the expert services, technologies and processes of the Tax Credits module to:

  • Help lower your effective tax rate
  • Help capture Federal WOTC, Welfare-to-Work (WtW), Empowerment Zones/Renewal Communities (EZ/RC), state point-of-hire, and job creation credits for which you are eligible
  • Help reduce administrative burden often associated with lucrative tax credit programs

Employment Verification

Save time and money by utilizing the ADP SmartCompliance Employment Verification module to respond automatically to requests for income and employment verification.

ADP provides an outsourced solution that helps enable businesses better manage the sensitive and time-consuming task of commercial employment and income verifications as well as social service, immigration, and Workers’ Compensation verifications. Credentialed and authenticated verifiers and requestors can obtain employee income and employment information securely in seconds via the Internet or telephone. This automated process helps reduce costs for your organization as well as helps provide faster responses for and protects the rights of your employees.

ADP SmartCompliance®

ADP SmartCompliance is a platform that adds a layer of services and best-practice processes to your current payroll and other HR solutions to help you close the gap between your core HR technology and the myriad employment-related compliance pressures you may face. This solution connects people, process and service with your technology to help off-load many of the risk-laden, manual and administrative tasks required of you. And it’s a scalable solution that, with a one-time data connection, can provide continuity as your organization and the legislative landscape continue to evolve.