COBRA Benefits & Services

The impact of COBRA on your business goes beyond events associated with employee termination. New health care reforms and other legislative requirements have broadened the kinds of activities your organization needs to engage in to remain compliant.

Worry-Free COBRA Administration and Support

ADP monitors regulatory changes that affect COBRA benefits requirements. We can assist with your COBRA management and compliance obligations by handling administrative burdens that would otherwise take up your HR department’s valuable time.

ADP offers your organization:

  • Fast, easy on-boarding and implementation
  • Notification distribution, forms processing and data tracking, including COBRA termination notices, election packages and other forms of correspondence
  • Election and termination, and key dates tracking to help you adhere to COBRA administration requirements
  • Qualifying events and loss-of-coverage data online
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) certificates of creditable coverage
  • Accurate processing of transactions, such as qualifying event notices, premium invoices and premium payments
  • Tight integration with ADP’s eligibility and enrollment solutions for tracking COBRA qualifying events
  • Accommodation of federal regulations and applicable guidance

ADP offers your employees:

  • The ability to make payments online
  • A self-service website for administering their COBRA benefits
  • Toll-free help from a dedicated call center