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Expanding Your Business

Your big idea has taken off. It’s time for your HR and payroll systems to keep up.

You’re still nimble, but have hit your stride in the marketplace and are scaling up. Learn more about how ADP Workforce Now can help you transition from startup to established with better payroll and people management.

Billie Jo Waara
Finance Director
Lawrence and Schiller

We were looking for someone to help guide us as we grow. ADP seemed to be the right source because it was not only comprehensive, but it was also scalable.

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Preparing for the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Take control of your ACA responsibilities with ADP Workforce Now.

Health Care Reform is complex—and carries serious penalties for companies that don’t comply. Learn how ADP Workforce Now gives you comprehensive support and peace of mind with both cutting-edge technology and real, live experts.

Mike Milligan
The Children’s Center

We take care of kids on a daily basis. The ACA is not something we want to focus on full time. ADP has the experts who can send us information that we can look at, and they help us decipher what’s important and what’s not important…to make sure we’re meeting all the necessary requirements that are out there.

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Switching to ADP

You’ll get our best every day—and we’ll start by getting you up and running quickly.

If your current solution isn’t cutting it, join the many companies that make the switch to ADP every year. We’ll guide you though a seamless transition—and are always just a phone call or email away.

David Laverentz
Vice President of Finance
& Administration

The Kansas City Royals

We discovered an in-house solution really didn’t provide us with the flexibility we needed… Once we went back to ADP, they were able to customize the reporting that we needed, and we were able to gather data that we had not been able to gather before—and have it all one place.

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