What TotalSource Strategic HR Means for Your Business

When it comes to running a business, change keeps you spinning and guessing. You need to anticipate and respond quickly to whatever comes next within your industry, your business, your people, and the regulatory environment. What if you could adapt your business and employees faster? What if you could gain a competitive edge? You can with smart HR strategies from ADP TotalSource.

Custom HR strategies mean you can stay lean, nimble, and competitive.

Your people are your greatest asset. Are you managing them in a way that’s connected to your big-picture business objectives? With ADP TotalSource, you’ll collaborate with HR specialists who help you develop HR strategies that support the long-term vision for your company. And when things change—be it your industry, your competition, or your workforce—we’re here to help you recalibrate and adapt.

Dedicated expert guidance means you can handle sensitive employee situations with confidence.

Every day brings a new challenge, especially when it comes to managing people. Some employee situations are extra tricky, and even downright nerve-wracking. With ADP TotalSource, your dedicated HR specialist helps you handle those situations with grace and conviction. Whether on the phone or in person, we’ll be there for you.

Personalized insights mean you can understand your workforce trends and make better decisions.

Do you know why your employees stay and leave? Do you know what motivates them to do great work? ADP TotalSource unlocks data and insights on your people and your unique workforce dynamics. Using this information, we’ll help you craft strategies to retain and motivate your people, elevate your company culture, and drive major business results.

Companies are only maximizing the potential of 5% of their workforce.

Companies are only maximizing
the potential of 5% of their workforce.
Source: Gallup, 2014

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Competitive benchmarking means you can stay ahead of your local and national competition.

With ADP TotalSource, you’ll not only gain visibility into your company’s workforce data, but also understand how you stack up. For example, are you providing employees benefits that are competitive in your industry and area? With up-to-date benchmarking data on compensation and other key metrics, you can see how you’re performing—and how you can gain a competitive advantage.