Knowing has replaced guessing

Personalized, data driven strategies focused on what your business needs most.

From knowing what companies in your area are paying to data visualizations from ADP® DataCloud that help you identify turnover hot spots, we take a proactive, data-driven approach to your success. When we see a trend emerge from your data, we’ll collaborate with you to determine a possible solution or next steps.

Our data and HR expertise helps us make decisions faster and smarter. ADP TotalSource® tracks your data in one place. We collect real-time information and distill it into easy-to-understand data visualizations. With your dedicated team of ADP experts in your corner, you won’t have to monitor these things alone. We’ll go through your data with you to help identify trends, make recommendations, and help you take action to keep your business on track. We can even provide benchmarking,* to help your business remain competitive in terms of compensation, benefits, and other measures. With ADP, knowing where you stand has replaced guessing.

Knowing is the future. Nearly half (49%) of organizations plan to use predictive analytics for talent decision making.**

Knowing is the future. Nearly half (49%) of organizations plan to use predictive analytics for talent decision making.**

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Hands-on HR, payroll and benefit administration.

It’s time to go beyond the basics. For managers, dashboards keep employee performance on front and center. For employees, a personalized app keeps all their information at their fingertips — from vacation hours to benefits plans. And that’s just the start. Payroll processing, full benefit plan administration, time and attendance,* HR technology, and payroll tax and W-2 preparation and filing — let us take the load off of doing it all.

Real people with real answers, ready to help your employees.

MyLife Advisors are available to help your employees make important decisions, tackle day-to-day challenges, and prepare for a brighter tomorrow. Whatever the need, we’re always here to assist employees, put them at ease, and let them know how ADP TotalSource will work its hardest on their behalf. Here are some ways we love to support your employees:

  • Achieving key milestones
  • Managing uncharted work life moments
  • Planning for the future
  • Navigating complex processes and topics

We know navigating work life can be complicated, but your employees aren’t alone in this. We’ve got your back, and theirs.

* Additional fee may apply.

** “What’s next for HR in 2016?” – CEB Corporate Leadership Council.