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Companies Need to Solve for HCM-Related Compliance

It’s a Human Capital Management (HCM) compliance gap and some companies try to fill it with people and manual, highly administrative processes. This may leave failure points that create unnecessary cost and risk for your company as well as frustration for your employees.

Instead of people and manual hand-offs, you need consistent, scalable processes and expertise to handle today’s long list of HCM-related compliance tasks.

ADP SmartCompliance helps you:

  • Maintain HCM-related compliance

  • Reduce costs

  • Drive strategic growth

Under Pressure

Complex and ever-changing HCM-related regulations place pressure on your business that your existing systems alone likely can't address. This may create an HCM-related compliance gap that you must fill.

The ADP SmartCompliance® platform adds a layer of services and best-practice processes to your current HCM solution to help you close the gap between core HCM technology and the myriad of HCM-related compliance pressures you may face.

This solution marries people, process and service with your technology to help off-load many of the risk-laden, manual and administrative tasks required of you. And it’s a scalable solution that can provide continuity as your organization and the legislative landscape continue to evolve.

Why Your In-House Approach may be Stressed

Moving Money

  • 1000's of potential funding entities
  • Multiple funding platforms
  • Formats differ by entity
  • Processing control
  • Time is ever-changing
  • Penalties exist for non-compliance
  • No control over changes
  • Security concerns

Communicate & Reporting

  • Nonstandard formats
  • Inconsistent processes
  • Varying frequencies
  • Constant regulatory change
  • Evolving technology requirements
  • New challenges like ACA
  • Decreased agency budgets/staff
  • Penalties
  • Negative employee impact

Managing Data

  • Manual paper processes
  • Lack of access to information
  • Redundancy
  • Disparate systems
  • Coordinating multiple data points
  • No backup or disaster plans
  • Multiple failure points
  • Limited resources
  • Reactive, not proactive

How ADP Helps Enable Your Business Strategy


  • Leverage tenured experts across the legislative landscape
  • Benefit from 1,000+ associates focused on HCM-related compliance requirements


  • Extend functionality of existing technology
  • Benefit by losing the burden, not the visibility


  • Utilize over 60 years experience in compliance-related infrastructure
  • Benefit from our annual investment of over $600M in process improvement

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