Workforce Management Made Easy

Proper workforce management is essential for accurately tracking time and attendance and seeing that workers are paid in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. ADP offers a broad range of solutions to help you manage your workforce while providing the 24/7 access your employees expect so they can view their paystubs, submit time-off requests and manage their schedules. From basic timekeeping tied to payroll to strategic forecasting and scheduling solutions, we’ve got a system to help you manage your people - and all their time, whether they are absent or present.

Efficiently Manage Time

ADP’s automated tracking can save 40 minutes per week per manager.

  • Accurately capture time and prevent buddy-punching with multiple convenient options ranging from mobile punches to biometric clocks
  • Streamline timecard approval processes by delivering instant notifications to managers for items that require immediate attention
  • Manage by exceptions, only spending time where it’s needed, and address issues before they impact payroll

Simplify Scheduling

  • Maximize savings, service quality, employee engagement, and other business outcomes with a highly flexible solution that can handle shift work, hourly work, exempt worker schedules, and even project-based work
  • Help managers assess actual versus estimated, select the right person for a specific need, address shift swaps and quickly adjust schedules to ensure proper staffing with automated scheduling
  • Enable managers to quickly react to unplanned absences and tardiness and prevent unnecessary or costly overtime with attendance tracking

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Accurately Track Accruals

  • Gain visibility into time accrued versus time taken and ensure employees cannot request time off they have not yet earned

Better Manage Leaves and Attendance Policies

According to a recent Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index the total annual costs related to lost productivity due to absenteeism in the U.S. totaled $84 billion.

  • Track complete attendance history and monitor trends to address potential issues with employees who violate attendance policies and reward compliant employees
  • Automatically track eligibility and concurrent leave requests, apply approved leave time to employee schedules and timecards and help manage federal, state, local and organizational leave management requirements
  • Store important documents in the ADP® DocCloud

Proactively Manage Compliance

  • Quickly access stored data, reports and audit trails to support compliance, labor audits and service-level agreements
  • Monitor hours for potential overtime violations and help meet leave regulation requirements with accurate attendance tracking

Provide 24/7 Mobile Access

  • Employees can clock in and out, view their paystubs, submit time off requests, manage their benefit elections, access their retirement accounts, and more anytime, anywhere from their mobile device
  • Managers can approve timesheets and time off requests, create and edit schedules, access worker profiles and more all from their cell phone or tablet

Gain Actionable Insight with Analytics and Reporting

Learn how to turn your people data into business insights.
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  • Analyze absences, overtime, late punches and more with real-time views
  • Customize dashboards to easily access the information that’s most important for your managers to control labor costs
  • Monitor thresholds applicable to business, legal and regulatory requirements

Streamline Workforce Management with Comprehensive HCM Integration

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  • Having your HR, payroll, benefits, talent management and workforce management functions with one vendor provides a “single source of truth” for all your HCM needs, helping to improve payroll accuracy, enhance visibility within the organization, simplify reporting and control costs
  • Flexible technology enables you to update systems to quickly adapt to the changing needs of your organization