Innovations in Workforce Management: Everything You Need - Just Better, Smarter and Faster

ADP® Workforce Manager offers all the fundamental management capabilities you need to take control of labor costs, simplify compliance, boost productivity and enhance employee engagement. And now, we can help you do it faster, from anywhere, on any device and with a better user experience.

Easily Manage and Engage Your Workforce from Anywhere

To optimize schedules and manage labor costs, organizations need total visibility into their workforces’ time, schedules, availability and productivity, and managers and employees need access to this information when and where they need it. Unlike most applications that adapt part of a desktop experience for mobile, ADP offers the first workforce management platform to be built for the mobile experience, providing the flexibility of use and consumerism every generation of your workforce has come to expect of a mobile app.


Embrace the Future of
Workforce Management

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Here are a few examples of how this mobile-first platform is different than a mobile-enabled application:

  • 100% mobile management - period. While some analytical and administrative tasks lend themselves to sitting at a desk, everyday management tasks need to happen on the fly, in real-time, so you can stay out in the workplace and keep your business running. ADP’s workforce management mobile solution delivers everything from schedules, timecards, time off requests and PTO balances, to unplanned absences, leave cases, reports and data analytics to all your mobile devices
  • Written in HTML 5, the screens respond to the size and position of your device, and interactivity will adapt to leverage the capabilities of your device to deliver the most useful information in the most intuitive way with a simple touch, swipe, click or keystroke, depending on the device you’re using
  • The GPS on a tablet or phone can be used for Geo-fencing – a way to ensure that people are within a specific distance of a workplace location when they clock in or out – to help enforce applicable clocking location rules

Make Better Decisions with Insightful Data Where You Need It

Many workforce management platforms include a menu of useful dashboards that help companies manage time. But ADP workforce management solutions bring analytics to a whole new level by providing immediate accessibility to metrics and data. Charts and graphs can be personalized and mixed in with other common tasks on your home screen, so that you have better visibility and can take action faster.

  • Personalized data preferences including views by: People On My Team, My To-Do List, My Approvals, and more, help drive consumption and increase system use
  • Analytics can be embedded on your home screen, so you don’t have to search an analytics menu to see what’s relevant. For example, if you’re trying to estimate what your monthly labor costs will be, you can view a monthly labor cost chart with actual versus budget without having to scroll down or select a report from the menu bar
  • Real-time analytics utilize new methods for mining your people data to help you understand how your workforce is performing against past measures and current goals
  • Calendar integration enables employees to automatically view their schedules in Outlook and calendars automatically update when schedules change or PTO is approved/removed, ensuring everyone knows where they need to be and when

Save Time with Intelligent Recommendations

Imagine how much more efficient your company could be if it had a system that could do much of the heavy lifting for you. Intelligent recommendations offer that assistance by helping to quickly guide you toward the best actions to take.

  • Data such as skills, time accrued, absence rates, tenure, union requirements, employee shift preferences, and more can be instantly mined to provide managers with a recommendation on the best person to schedule for a given shift. This is especially useful to ensure work rules are administered fairly when multiple people request the same time off
  • Smart recommendations not only suggest a plan of action best suited for your business, but also highlight potential impact, empowering managers with the foresight to address circumstances before they become problems. For example, if 20 people have requested overlapping time off, the system will make recommendations as to which to approve and reject, and will outline the consequences
  • Once a manager approves a group of recommendations, the system processes the actions all at once. This saves managers countless hours of administration time checking PTO balances, considering previous time off requests, looking at tenure, and finding potential availability to address coverage issues
  • The system integrates business and compliance rules to help you manage and apply your company’s work and pay rules consistently and efficiently across the entire organization, no matter where your people are physically located
  • Red flags alert managers to potential issues such as approaching overtime, requests for non-accrued time-off, tardiness and other attendance concerns, helping to ensure costs are controlled and compliance is maintained

Go Ahead, Grow…and Pay Only for What You Use

Expansion is limitless. Delivered as a powerful software-as-a-service (SaaS) hosted in the Google Cloud, ADP’s workforce management solution can simultaneously grow or contract based on the demands of your business. This flexibility helps you control subscription costs to better manage the bottom line:

  • Easily manage seasonality, expansion or contraction with a simplified fee structure that ensures you’re only charged for what you actually use, enabling you to better predict and recognize costs as your workforce flexes up or down
  • If you are a large business that needs to adopt the system in phases over time, no problem. Ramp up your subscription costs as you rollout your system. Your subscription fees will change to reflect your usage, so you aren’t paying for users that you don’t have yet
  • SaaS delivery allows ADP to seamlessly deploy updates, without requiring any technical support from your company