Georgia Retraining Tax Credit

Maximize your tax credit dollars

If you currently maintain a business presence in Georgia then you may be able to qualify for significant state income tax credits to help offset your employee training costs. The Georgia Retraining Tax Credit allows qualified employers to receive up to $1,250 per Georgia eligible employee every year; for some that represents up to half of their direct training costs.

Georgia Retraining Tax Credits

Working with ADP, you’ll benefit from a thorough application process designed to help ensure that you receive the maximum credit available to you. We handle a meticulous 104-step process that helps minimize the work for you. The end result is you’ll receive a tax credit package that is audit-ready. From our experience, you’ll get back more money than you would have if you had you filed on your own. In fact, our clients typically collect nearly 10 times more than the average Georgia Retraining Tax Credit applicant.

See why our focus on training is unique

ADP approaches your Georgia Retraining Tax Credit application process from a training perspective rather than from an accounting perspective. You’ll be working directly with training experts who understand the learning environment and know what to look for when documenting activities that qualify for credits. Our detailed process allows us to dig deep and help uncover qualifying activities that others might miss.

Our focus on the training angle is what makes our process so unique and effective. The knowledge we gain through this close examination of your training enables us to serve as an effective advocate when working with the State of Georgia. We’re convinced that our process is the most thorough, and most secure, available.

Benefit from ADP’s expertise and knowledge

Get the Maximum Return

For more than 30 years ADP has been a leader in helping organizations take advantage of available tax credits. In fact, we have an entire business dedicated solely to helping clients apply for federal and state tax credits, of which the Georgia Retraining Tax Credit is just one.

Clients also benefit from our team of government relations experts and tax professionals who are focused on understanding and monitoring state and federal tax credit laws. They can advise you on changes in compliance and other legislation actions that could affect your training plans in current and future tax years.

Find out what you qualify for

We currently process over 30% of all Georgia Retraining Tax Credit filings. Many clients are pleasantly surprised by what Georgia includes in its qualification criteria. Contact ADP today to learn more about how your company can benefit from Georgia’s Retraining Tax Credit program and how much you might be able to collect. We can even help you investigate retroactive credits you may be entitled to from previous tax years.

“They make it easy, fast, and painless to capitalize on found money. They do all the research and heavy lifting and I could not be more pleased with the outcome.”

– Client, Georgia tire company