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Federal and State
Tax Credits & Incentives

Billions of dollars in Federal and State tax savings are available nationwide.

With over thirty years of experience, ADP has the specialized knowledge, experience and proven processes to help you take full advantage of available Federal and State tax credits and incentives and ensure compliance. We'll search out every available credit.

Federal Empowerment Zones (EZ) and Renewal Communities (RC) Employment Credits and Tax Benefits

Provides incentives to employers to hire and retain employees residing in a Federal Empowerment Zone or Renewal Community. Tax credits of up to $3,000 per eligible employee in Federal Empowerment Zones and up to $1,500 per eligible employee in Federal Renewal Communities.

Federal Indian Employment Credit

Provides an incentive to employers to hire and retain Native American Indians. Tax credits of up to $4,000 per eligible employee.

State Credits & Incentives

Almost every state offers tax credits and incentives to businesses participating in certain economic activities. The state tax credits are taken against any state income tax liability accrued in that state.

  • State Enterprise Zones – Various tax credits are available to businesses located in state designated enterprise zones. Credits can include job creation and investment tax credits.
  • State Property Tax Credit - Businesses located in state Enterprise Zones may qualify for property tax exemptions and abatements
  • State Investment Tax Credits - Credits may be available for certain types and amounts of investments in the state. Many of these credits are industry-specific.
  • State Retraining Tax Credits - We now offer application services for the Georgia Retraining Tax Credit
  • And Many More…



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