Coach Your People to Turn Natural Talent into Extraordinary Performance

It’s plain and simple: when people thrive, business thrives.  But talented people have more choices about where and how to put their abilities to work and the workforce is more multigenerational and diverse than ever before. In order to meet such varied talent demands and develop the best possible collective workforce, organizations have an opportunity to take their talent further by recognizing and empowering their people to drive the outcomes that matter most.

Charts iconAccording to, “Organizations with strong coaching cultures indicate recent revenues above that of their industry peer group (46% compared to 39% of other responding organizations) and report higher employee engagement (61% and 53%, respectively).”

Help Teams and Managers Amplify Individual Ability to Deliver Professional and Personal Growth

ADP talent activation solutions are built for voluntary usage where the work actually happens. Our agile approach can be tailored to traditional organizational reporting but also has the flexibility to serve individuals in dynamic teams to:

  • Encourage collaboration and drive engagement
  • Develop leaders
  • Improve productivity

Effortlessly Scale Talent Development to Employees at All Levels

If your business could deliver a 10% improvement in leadership behaviors from a total of 16 minutes of development work, imagine the potential for increased productivity, performance and retention you could achieve. Enabling better leadership skills and collaboration is critical for building top-performing teams, so we’ve created Compass powered by ADP. This Award-winning solution provides a better path for building excellent teams and leaders and helps create a more productive organization through its:

  • Automated email delivery of personalized content – designed to develop all leaders, not only those at the very top
  • Integration of the principles of behavioral economics, adult learning theory and the psychology of coaching into the assessment questions and coaching delivered, throughout the 8-week curriculum
  • Scalability to all managers, requiring no training or implementation.  It’s simple, immediate, everywhere, and for everyone, at every level of the organization

Focus on the Unique Needs, Purpose and Power of Each Person to Drive Business Results

An increasing majority of your workforce want to find purpose in their work – and when you give your people the opportunity to put their strengths to work, amazing things happen. It’s proven. Teams that empower people to use their strengths at work every single day consistently outperform teams where people don’t feel they get to use their strengths.  What if you could unlock and apply the natural talents of every member of your workforce to how work gets done? The secret lies within taking a strengths-based approach – combined with personalized coaching – that helps you identify successful behaviors that accelerate performance. StandOut®, powered by ADP, combines technology with coaching so you can build your best teams.  

  • Personalized coaching is delivered live and in-platform to help employees maximize their strengths
  • Regular check-ins on near-term future work create the conditions for optimal team performance by improving communication, trust and collaboration
  • Engagement and performance can be measured in real-time and used to help inform compensation and succession decisions
  • Data insights help identify the factors that differentiate your high-performing teams, so you can help leaders create more teams like your best

Only 28 percent of Millennials believe their organization is fully taking advantage of their skills.
Source: 2017 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends