Succession Planning: Go Beyond The Corner Office For A Comprehensive Approach

Yesterday’s approach to Succession Management started in the boardroom and stopped in the corner office. But business today is different. To truly manage the risk of losing key people and skills, you need to look deeper into your organization, and into the future.

Stop Playing Defense — Succession Management Is About Being Proactive, Not Reactive

Turnover cost can equal 48%-61% of the employee's annual wage.

To be a world-class business, you not only need world-class talent, you need a plan for retaining that talent, and a strategy for what to do when critical resources leave so you can continue to compete — and avoid scrambling to fill unexpected holes in your organization. ADP Succession Management can help you:

  • Identify key individuals who might leave
  • Designate high-potential employees
  • Add objectivity to subjective reviews
  • Keep employees motivated and engaged
  • Prepare for change by lining up qualified replacements to fill positions as needed

The result is a sound, reliable and actionable approach to keep your organization moving forward, even if a key individual leaves.

Identify gaps, engage employees and make more informed succession decisions

Who’s at risk of leaving? Who’s next in line? And how vulnerable are you to these changes? ADP Succession Management helps you evaluate the bench strength of your organization and develop a strong pipeline of qualified successors by:

  • Providing visibility into identified and potential successors
  • Identifying potential talent gaps and working with managers to develop qualified replacements
  • Allowing employees to manage their career paths and evaluate their current and required skills

Integrating succession planning, performance management and compensation systems so you can make more informed succession decisions