Optimize the Potential of Your Workforce with Modern Learning

A great learning management system can create agility and fuel growth, helping to prepare your employees to tackle new roles and challenges in your organization. But wouldn’t it be even better if you could actually link an employee’s current and future goals to the specific learning and development effort that can make it possible? ADP Learning Management helps make it easy to:

  • Deliver convenient and flexible learning options that meet the learning-style needs of your different audiences – from self-paced e-learning to virtual or instructor-led classroom settings
  • Reduce the time and costs involved in administering training and improve compliance with your internal training requirements
  • Make your broader HCM strategy a reality with integrated learning delivery to support initiatives across other strategic areas like succession management, talent activation and human resource management

Align Learning to Jobs and Competencies to Maximize Productivity

Whether employees are new to your organization, planning their next career move or simply looking to grow in their current position, continuous improvement is the key to competing in an increasingly global marketplace. But many large employers struggle with finding a system that effectively engages learners and meets a diverse set of needs — from onboarding to certifications — without creating administrative headaches for managers or executives in ensuring organizational goals are met.

ADP Learning Management is the integrated solution that helps you more accurately and efficiently target, manage and deliver specific learning activities — both formal and informal — for every employee. Now, you can create, schedule and administer live classroom training, online learning content and more, fill gaps, create individual learning paths and help drive employees’ ongoing personal and professional development.

Streamline Management of Course Materials and Resources

ADP Learning Management helps make it easy to create and administer a robust knowledge center as the repository for all learning elements including:

  • SCORM® and AICC-compliant online courses, certified via testing
  • Instructor-led classroom courses
  • Online resources such as articles, blogs, e-books and external HTML links
  • Peer feedback and discussion forums

Easily Administer and Manage Learning Initiatives

From assigning and managing to measuring and tracking a host of employee development resources and activities, ADP Learning Management makes it simpler. From the manager perspective, role-based functionality and at-a-glance dashboards help managers know their teams are on task — and identify who’s overdue for required compliance-related learning. Built in reports provide visibility into registrations, course completion, exam results and certification status, and ad-hoc reports are available for on-demand queries. Features like auto-enrollment and auto-assignment also help reduce the administrative burden, so managers can focus on helping employees learn and grow.  Executives can remain focused on the bigger picture knowing that all employees are working toward critical business and compliance objectives.

Save Time and Simplify Learning for Employees

Employees simply log on to see exactly what they need for your own designated compliance training, certifications or to fill gaps in current competencies. They can find additional development activities based on their individual career goals.

Organizations that align learning paths with performance evaluations and development activities can be better equipped to achieve success at all levels. ADP’s Learning Management platform helps make it easy to automate, simplify and improve the processes that drive high-performance employee learning and development.