Solve Complex HR Questions With Talent Consulting

  • Where do I start looking for top talent when there are so many sources to search and how can I make sure I engage the best candidates?
  • We’re looking to expand our business, but how do we ensure the market demographics in the city we selected can support the recruitment needs we have?
  • How do we accommodate for a decentralized process where we don’t share candidates across business units and everyone uses a different process for acquiring talent?

If you’re like most HR professionals, at some point, you struggle with challenging scenarios that need to be addressed in your organization. ADP’s unparalleled depth and breadth of expertise in talent consulting services has been helping companies answer these difficult questions and more for decades.

Quickly and Efficiently Attract the Right Candidates with A Strategic Talent Consulting Process

Your talent acquisition needs are unique and candidates you select for hire need to have the right soft and hard skills for the job, as well as be a good culture fit to be successful. ADP Talent Consulting helps ensure your strategy can quickly identify, attract and engage talent that aligns to your business.

Gain Market Insight - What’s the Talent Landscape?

By analyzing market data specific to your job openings (position, location, demographics, supply and demand, etc.), ADP Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) creates a unique sourcing strategy, recommends alternative approaches and helps identify, target and engage with talent to meet your specific needs.

Get your data to work harder for you.
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Benchmarking and Analytics - How Do You Compare?

Knowing how you measure up in the competitive war for talent helps ensure you are looking in the right places, targeting the right candidates with your recruiting strategy and offering the right compensation. Learn how you compare with other companies with ADP benchmarking and analytics and build your strategy to dominate.

Competitive Advantage of Benchmarking Blog
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Define and Build Your Process – Efficiency Matters

An aggressive talent acquisition strategy needs a strong processing foundation to hone in on the right candidates quickly and engage them before the competition lures them away. ADP helps identify proven methods, industry best practices and a customized RPO solution that will help you to efficiently and effectively screen and select the best talent, while helping to keep you compliant in the process. Our RPO solution is vendor neutral and we can use your technology as the system of record or bring ADP technology for a comprehensive HCM solution to the partnership.

Learn how one company leverages ADP to perform over 100,000 interviews and schedule more than 4,000 background checks annually.
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Manage Through Change – It’s Inevitable

Change doesn’t always come easy, but when you partner with ADP, you get a comprehensive change management strategy, adoption toolkit with step-by-step guides and communications tools, an implementation team to support you through the process and tips on achieving a seamless transition to the new process.

Measure and Refine – As the Market Changes, So Should Your Strategy

An evolving talent landscape requires consistent monitoring. We keep a close eye on market changes and your candidate pipeline and sourcing effectiveness and recommend refinements to maintain a strong applicant flow. Our talent acquisition reporting identifies trends, unusual events, changes or comparisons and measures against pre-determined stats to help you make smarter business decisions.

See How Canyon Ranch Uses Analytics and Benchmarking to Manage and Keep the Talent It Needs
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