Get a Competitive Edge on Hiring with Recruiting Analytics

In today’s labor market, the competition is fierce and employers must work smarter than ever to ensure they are able to attract and recruit the best candidates. This requires the insights and expertise to really understand your markets – from candidate supply and demand, to the competitive marketplace, to geographical constraints.

ADP Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) provides market-specific insights to help:

  • Recruit for tough to fill roles
  • Expand into new markets
  • Benchmark against other companies for similar positions
  • Develop the candidate pipeline with enough of the right candidates to fill your openings
  • Ensure that you offer a competitive employer value proposition

ADP is the definitive source for exclusive, data-driven intelligence on today’s working world and the author of the National Employment Report. Leaders in both the public and private sectors turn to ADP for research and insights on current and emerging HCM (Human Capital Management) trends. With ADP paying 1 in 6 employees in the U.S., we have more data than any other RPO provider.

ADP DataCloud provides benchmarks for compensation, turnover, predictive analytics, and more based on real payroll data. Our RPO account teams provide insightful consulting to clients and help anticipate trends that may impact their talent acquisitions.

What Can Data Really Provide?

When coupled with ADP’s consulting expertise – it can provide results! ADP RPO recruiting experts analyze the data, apply it to your business needs and customize the sourcing strategy to help maximize your results. Data analysis can reveal:

  • Market demographics
  • Talent supply and demand
  • Compensation and benefits package trends
  • Insights for designing an effective sourcing strategy
  • Recommended schools in a university program that may turn the most effective candidates
  • A talent community vision that mirrors your company brand
  • Choices to build your diverse candidate pool
  • Benchmarks against competitors looking for similar talent
  • And much more

By analyzing market data specific to your job openings (position, location, demographics, supply and demand, etc.), ADP RPO creates a unique sourcing strategy, recommends alternative approaches and helps identify, target and engage talent that meets your needs. And, you get answers to questions like:

  • How many people have the job title of [Java Developer] in [Kansas City, MO]?
  • What are the most closely-related/alternate titles for this role and how many of those people exist?
  • What companies in the area have employees with this title?
  • What universities are the top feeder schools for these positions?
  • And more.

Measure Your Success

Data and analytics are leveraged throughout the recruitment process, allowing for superior agility and insights. Using interactive dashboards to monitor, evaluate, and adjust our recruiting in real-time, clients have the strategic oversight to make better decisions. Understand:

  • Who has applied to active requisitions
  • The effectiveness of your sourcing strategy
  • Legislative changes and compliance requirements
  • Pipeline quality

Whether its analyzing the pipeline of candidates across your enterprise or drilling into a specific requisition, ADP understands the essential role of metrics in making well-informed talent acquisition decisions. We partner closely with your organization to create reporting scorecards that help drive continuous improvement. Standard metrics include:

  • Cycle and sub-cycle times
  • Quality of hire
  • Diversity
  • Source effectiveness
  • Compliance
  • Hiring manager satisfaction
  • Candidate satisfaction

Designing the right scorecard with a blend of standard and customized reports helps you gain insight into each step of the recruitment process to make the right decisions. With a robust reporting dashboard and the ability to run ad hoc reports, you can maintain the pulse of your recruitment activities and alter your strategy for different needs.