Analytics and Decision Support

With the rapid pace of change – and rise in cost – of health care, you and your workforce can no longer afford to take a passive approach to health and welfare benefits selection. It’s essential to get a clear view of how plan choices impact costs, so everyone involved can avoid spending more than necessary.

68% of workers said their benefits influence whether or not they choose to stay in their current jobs.

For You: Data For Getting Critical Insights

At specific points in the enrollment process, ADP gives your workers direct access to online tools that rank plan options based on individual preferences, compare plan details and member satisfaction, estimate out-of-pocket expenses based on predictive utilization data, and more. Dynamic pop-ups can inform workers of other benefit opportunities, such as health care flexible spending accounts, which may help them and your organization save money without compromising coverage.

If you elect to gather information on your workforce’s preferences for health and welfare plan selection, ADP can offer your organization:

  • Insight–The ability to assess what kinds of plan options your workers may need
  • Potential Savings–Tools to help you offer the most value to your people for the lowest cost to your organization
  • Predictability–The ability to provide plans based on anticipated needs, and to modify them over time based on your employee’s actual selection and usage behavior

For Your Workforce: Information For Making Sound Decisions

When it comes to understanding what they’re choosing, your workers need all the help they can to prevent wondering if – or worse, finding out later that – they’ve spent more than they needed to on health care choices. ADP helps you present your plan information clearly and consistently. ADP offers your people:

  • Clarity–Plan comparisons that are simple and easy to understand, so participants can more quickly grasp the features they’re evaluating
  • Information–Calculators for performing analyses of different plan or usage scenarios
  • Control–Features for fine-tuning plan selection preferences

Source: MetLife; 7th Annual Study of Employee Benefits Trends; 2009